I made some hard choices aka The Book Life- Tag!

Hallo all!

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week. Its Friday already, where did the week go? Let alone, where did the year go. Its JUNE already???!

I got to go book shopping a few days ago, and I grabbed a handful (not a trunk load sadly) so till I get the reading done, I decided I’d answer some tags I got tagged to 🙂


Since the experience of reading about characters who I wish were real wasn’t agonizing enough, I thought why not give this tag a try as I was so graciously tagged by a buddy, Simra @ Simply Simra.

Why girl you do this to me!?!!?!?! 

And why did I say yes! :/

Its all to do with that genetic disposition in humans to make life as hard, miserable and tricky as possible for themselves.

Is this post a qualification to certify that I’m 100% human? You be the judge 🙂

SO YES, I picked out my family from my many adventures to and with these bookish people and lands.


Who would my parents be?



I’ve noticed so many striking single parent figures peppering literature, and it’s rare that we find a duo who fit the bill. So I decided on the Weaselys. Kind, considerate, hardworking, understanding, generous and intent on the welfare of their kids and all who they love, striving for the greater good.



Who would my sister be?

Louisa Clarke. Shes supportive, caring and a bit cuckoo like me.




Who would my brother be?

Brothers if you may. I’d chose Fred and George Weasely. Being a slight case of a goody two shoes, I know I will be teased mercilessly but there’s a lot I can learn to ease off a bit when it comes to rules 😛




Who would my pet be?


Yes the Lion!


Logically, (the Susan in me speaks)  lions are cats, only bigger. Aslan is someone I could talk to, he’d advice me with his gazillion years of wisdom, and if I’m late for something he’d even give me a ride! XD

Just Crookshanks maybe :/



Where would I live?

I’m torn between Avonlea (so beautiful), Narnia (Cair Paravel to be exact) and who can say no to Pemberly.


Where would I go to school?

Hogwarts ??  😛


Ok ok I’ll chose another.


Chuck it.

Hogwarts it is. I’d love to experience boarding school. Added bonus is: there’s flying lessons.


Who would be my best friend?

Anne Shirley and/or Simon Lewis from TMI

They both are kindred souls on the same wavelength as me. As siblings we’d be ridiculous work for our parents hence they can be my besties 😛



Who would be my significant other?

This is such a deal breaking question.

There’s  a riff between Mr Darcy and Mr Tilney.

Mr. D is just an overall accepting person (what am I kidding!!) He’s rich, dashing and he’ll get you everything you’ll ever want and more.

Then there’s Tilney who’s very surely going to help me overcome my TBR list XD (a man who reads sure is attractive) and will help me pick out my linen haha! And I will not say no to his cottage (That’ll be something to tick off my bucket list. )

How can I forget dear Knightely. He’ll not make fun of my fanciful fits and my ridiculous ideas. *Sigh*

I’m glad this decision is not a life or death situation. I’m in a hopeless muddle XD

After much thought I’m going to say Tilney! ^_^ Now shoo before I change my mind 😛


*whispers* Gilbert Blythe!! 




~~I must add, it yet another tag that would be completed in a wink of the eye if I could fill it up with names of Harry Potter characters. J.K. ROWLING WHY did you have to write such an epic story???~~


I tag the following fellow bloggers to try this tag out 🙂

Lizzie ~  Jill   ~  Ruzaika  ~  Lola 

Anyone else willing to try this out, you are hereby tagged 🙂

Who would you chose to fill in the blanks? Please share! I’d like to know who I forgot 😛




The Diverse Books Tag!

Hallo everyone!

Long time no book tag! 🙂 And this time, keeping in tune with the Diversity wave hitting blogs, I’ll be attempting, yes! The Diverse Books Tag created by non other than our very own Naz @Read Diverse Books ^_^  For more book recommendations check out the #DiverseBookBloggers campaign on twitter.


I pulled out my notebook, pen and PC readers glasses prepared to take a trip around the world, one Goodreads page at a time 😛 Here’s a few books that caught my eye and were added to my every growing TBR. I included a few I have already read, because I thought them fitting 🙂

~All summaries from Goodreads~

A book starring a lesbian character.

Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden



This groundbreaking book is the story of two teenage girls whose friendship blossoms into love and who, despite pressures from family and school that threaten their relationship, promise to be true to each other and their feelings. This book is so truthful and honest, it has been banned from many school libraries and even publicly burned in Kansas City.

Of the author and the book, the Margaret A. Edwards Award committee said, “Nancy Garden has the distinction of being the first author for young adults to create a lesbian love story with a positive ending. Using a fluid, readable style, Garden opens a window through which readers can find courage to be true to themselves.”



A book with a Muslim protagonist.

Love in a Headscarf by Shelina Zahra Janmohamed


‘At the age of thirteen, I knew that I was destined to marry John Travolta. One day he would arrive on my North London doorstep, fall madly in love with me and ask me to marry him. Then he would convert to Islam and become a devoted Muslim.’ Shelina is keeping a very surprising secret under her headscarf – she wants to fall in love and find her faith. Torn between the Buxom Aunties, romantic comedies and mosque Imams, she decides to follow the arranged-marriage route to finding Mr Right, Muslim-style. Shelina’s captivating journey begins as a search for the one, but along the way she also discovers herself and her faith. A memoir with a hilarious twist from one of Britain’s leading female Muslim writers. Love in a Headscarf is an entertaining, fresh and unmissable insight into what it means to be a young British Muslim woman.



A book set in Latin America.

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez


One of the 20th century’s enduring works, One Hundred Years of Solitude is a widely beloved and acclaimed novel known throughout the world, and the ultimate achievement of a Nobel Prize winning career.

The novel tells the story of the rise and fall of the mythical town of Macondo through the history of the family. It is a rich and brilliant chronicle of life and death, and the tragicomedy of humankind. In the noble, ridiculous, beautiful, and tawdry story of the family, one sees all of humanity, just as in the history, myths, growth, and decay of Macondo, one sees all of Latin America.

Love and lust, war and revolution, riches and poverty, youth and senility — the variety of life, the endlessness of death, the search for peace and truth — these universal themes dominate the novel. Whether he is describing an affair of passion or the voracity of capitalism and the corruption of government, Gabriel Garcia Marquez always writes with the simplicity, ease, and purity that are the mark of a master.

Alternately reverential and comical, One Hundred Years of Solitudeweaves the political, personal, and spiritual to bring a new consciousness to storytelling. Translated into dozens of languages, this stunning work is no less than an accounting of the history of the human race.



A book about a person with a disability.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.

What Lou doesn’t know is she’s about to lose her job or that knowing what’s coming is what keeps her sane.

Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he’s going to put a stop to that.

What Will doesn’t know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they’re going to change the other for all time.



A Science-Fiction or Fantasy book with a POC protagonist.

Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson


In an unnamed Middle Eastern security state, a young Arab-Indian hacker shields his clients—dissidents, outlaws, Islamists, and other watched groups—from surveillance and tries to stay out of trouble. He goes by Alif—the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, and a convenient handle to hide behind. The aristocratic woman Alif loves has jilted him for a prince chosen by her parents, and his computer has just been breached by the state’s electronic security force, putting his clients and his own neck on the line. Then it turns out his lover’s new fiancé is the “Hand of God,” as they call the head of state security, and his henchmen come after Alif, driving him underground.

When Alif discovers The Thousand and One Days, the secret book of the jinn, which both he and the Hand suspect may unleash a new level of information technology, the stakes are raised and Alif must struggle for life or death, aided by forces seen and unseen



A book set in (or about) any country in Africa.

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


From the award-winning author of Half of a Yellow Sun, a dazzling new novel: a story of love and race centered around a young man and woman from Nigeria who face difficult choices and challenges in the countries they come to call home.

As teenagers in a Lagos secondary school, Ifemelu and Obinze fall in love. Their Nigeria is under military dictatorship, and people are leaving the country if they can. Ifemelu—beautiful, self-assured—departs for America to study. She suffers defeats and triumphs, finds and loses relationships and friendships, all the while feeling the weight of something she never thought of back home: race. Obinze—the quiet, thoughtful son of a professor—had hoped to join her, but post-9/11 America will not let him in, and he plunges into a dangerous, undocumented life in London.

Years later, Obinze is a wealthy man in a newly democratic Nigeria, while Ifemelu has achieved success as a writer of an eye-opening blog about race in America. But when Ifemelu returns to Nigeria, and she and Obinze reignite their shared passion—for their homeland and for each other—they will face the toughest decisions of their lives.

Fearless, gripping, at once darkly funny and tender, spanning three continents and numerous lives, Americanah is a richly told story set in today’s globalized world: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s most powerful and astonishing novel yet.



A book written by an Indigenous or Native author.

Swallow the Air by Tara June Winch


“When May’s mother dies suddenly, she and her brother Billy are taken in by Aunty. However, their loss leaves them both searching for their place in a world that doesn’t seem to want them. While Billy takes his own destructive path, May sets off to find her father and her Aboriginal identity.” Her journey leads her from the Australian east coast to the far north, but it is the people she meets, not the destinations, that teach her what it is to belong.



A book set in South Asia.

Cinnamon Gardens by Shyam Selvadurai


Set among the upper classes in the gracious, repressive and complex world of 1920s Ceylon (Sri Lanka), this evocative novel tells the story of two people who must determine if it is possible to pursue personal happiness without compromising the happiness of others. A young teacher, Annalukshmi, whose splintered family attempts to arrange an appropriate marriage for her, must decide whether the independence she craves will doom her to a life without love and companionship. It is also the story of Balendran who, respectably married, must suppress-or confront-the secret desires for men that threaten to throw his life into chaos. With sensuous atmosphere and vivid prose, this masterfully plotted novel re-creates a world where a beautiful veneer of fragrant gardens and manners hides social, personal, and political issues still relevant today.



A book with a biracial protagonist.

Hope by Isabell Monk


During a visit with her great-aunt, a young girl learns the story behind her name and learns to feel proud of her biracial heritage.

A book starring a transgender character or transgender issues.

George by Alex Gino



When people look at George, they think they see a boy. But she knows she’s not a boy. She knows she’s a girl.

George thinks she’ll have to keep this a secret forever. Then her teacher announces that their class play is going to be Charlotte’s Web. George really, really, REALLY wants to play Charlotte. But the teacher says she can’t even try out for the part . . . because she’s a boy.  

With the help of her best friend, Kelly, George comes up with a plan. Not just so she can be Charlotte — but so everyone can know who she is, once and for all.





I tag the following lovely bloggers 🙂

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Ryy @ Dembooksdoee 


Enjoy !! 🙂


Life, oh life | Life in Books tag

Hallo everyone!

I hope this blog post finds you in good health and in a happy mood. I’ve had a amazing day, and I hope your day has been going well too! ^_^

Nick @ The Paper Dragon  tagged me on this book tag a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve finally gotten on to attempting it! It was so much fun!

Here are my answers!



Find a book for each of your initials.

Ah! So much intrusion of privacy! Yikes, the FBI can track me down now! JK! OKAy??

My initials are F. Z. M : my middle name being the name everyone calls me by.

F –> Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Z–> Z for Zachariah by Robert O’ Brian. Its a book on life after a nuclear holocaust. Very interesting!

M–> Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie



Count your age along your bookshelf. Which book is it?

Again at it with the privacy intrusion!! This is a life tag after all! Why did I want to do this??

So I counted my age right now, and the lucky book was The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas! Yay!

BUT, my birthday is in a few days (ahem guess when??) so I’m going to share the next book too because its a favourite !

Its Inkheart by Cornelia Funke ofcourse!!



Pick a book that represents a destination you would love to travel to?

Can I say a few, or maybe twenty books?
I’d love to live in England, even for a few weeks, these ten day holidays are so saddenning to the heart (much cherished tho) but I’d love to get back for a longer time next time (Pls dad!)

If I had to chose a magical land I’d love to visit Narnia



Pick a book that’s your favourite colour?

Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern has a lovely pink and white! (yes I’m that girly girl 😛 )



Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

My copy of Pride and Prejudice that I used for my IGCSE’s. Specifically that copy. It was a time of my life when I was opening up, interacting with others and truly feeling comfortable in my own skin. Also the kids in class were absolute legends (Shout out to you guys where ever you are in the world!!), the joking the laughter, the serious faces we put on to avoid laughing at some inisde joke we got going, the chocolate we ate behind our books, smuggled under the tables.

My teacher was the BEST, a true Queen! I miss her so much now! She’s someone who you’d call a kindred soul 😦 The kind that watched American Idol and spent half the lesson talking about last nights episode. (I hope our headmistress doesn’t read this lol)

I also loved the story so much, and I would work so hard on assignments to get the highest grade (yaasss, I was one of those kids, hate me if you must :P) and if I didnt, I’d work twice as hard next time. I also remember literally juicing the book for my IGCSE’s. Its the most ‘well and truly’ read book in my shelves, other than my Famous Five Treasure Island book (the first book I bought and read a few hundred times over! XD)

Oh well! *sigh!*

I just smile so hard when I see the book and when I’m feeling low, I take it out, and just read the notes I’ve scribbled along its margins.

Well guys now you know why I love this book so much, and cannot talk enough about it!



Which book did you have the most difficult reading?

Crime and Punishment (not finished yet, its been a few months too)

Midnight’s Children! I cannot stress enough what a masterpiece of a book it is!!! Itll take months to well and truly dissect this thing, its got so much going on! Salute to you Mr. Rushdie!


Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest sense of accomplishment when you finish it?

I’d like to say one of my English textbooks on the rise of the novel or something because then I’d ace an exam ^_^ but I really want to read all of Cassandra Clare’s books so bad! The Infernal Devices etc I love Cassandra, I loved The Mortal Instruments and I cannot wait to compare and contrast the rest.




I tag these amazing bloggers. 

Naz @ Read Diverse Books 

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Fatima @ Noteablepad 

Raquel @ Rakiodd Books

TJ and Suzie @ Too much information 

Raihana @ Hana Reads

Zainab @ A Bibliophile’s Obsession 

Emma @ Em Does Book Reviews 

Have fun answering! XD


Wednesday Top 5- Rainy Day Reads

Hallo everyone!

Long time no post.

In case you didn’t noticed, I haven’t posted for a few days, maybe even a week. I’m such a bad blogger :/ Sowwy to myself and to you… I promised to be consisted, through sickness and in health, through computer troubles and digital bliss, flood worthy storms or critically heaty sunny spells. You get the idea….. !!


I do have good news though. I have my laptop back, as good as new. So more posts coming right up if I can spare a few hours from everything else (Studies…). Also the heat is now officially off critically-high and we-might-fall-dead-on-our-feet scenarios are off everyone’s minds.

Yes it rained!!!

Actually it rains once a day now, mostly during the latter evening which is just perfect. Imagine a lovely sunny morning and yes the afternoon is a tad heaty, but the evening changes so quickly and there’s showers around bedtime for us in Colombo. Quite fitting to have a lovely night-time-before-bed read with the rain pitter pattering outside. Hence I’m delighted with todays Wednesday Top 5 topic which is Rainy Day Reads!! ^_^

I must thank Lainey @ Gingerreadslainey for creating this lovely meme and also for this must-consider-compiling-at-least-once-in-your-life list.  It is now hosted by Sam  @ Thoughts on Tomes .


*my, what a lot of hyphens girl!!*



I’d like to say that the following list are some of the ones I’ve indulged in recent rainy days, though some of them are re reads which I thought complemented the weather.  I also tried to give a mix of contemporary and classics in the list.


Lets get on with the list shall we ^_^


1 .  The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky


I read this pretty recently, a few weeks ago to be exact thought it was released so long ago and most people must have forgotten about it and I was pretty wary being so late to join the party in reading it. It was perhaps a reason why I didnt go one to share my thoughts on the book as a blog post, so I think I’ll do it here as short as possible.

The book itself is written at an easy pace in the form of letters by Charlie to a special friend of his.His writing is very conversational like,not hard to read and is perfect of a snuggled in bed with a possibility of you yourself adding to some drops to the shower. Regardless of this, it does touch upon some very heavy topics, that you will take some time to process. I really enjoyed the book, but I do wish Charlie had been a tad bit stronger in character.


2 . Chicken Soup books


These books always are heart warming and never fail to move one from tears of sadness to fits of laughter. Excellent for a rainy day indeed.  The best part is there’s so many of these Chicken Soup to chose from, the above are two I bought a couple of years back and never get tired of reading the stories in them.



3 . Where rainbows end – Cecelia Ahern


I LOVE this book. I could read it three times back to back and still not get tired of it. Its fast paced and once again like Perks of being a wallflower a story entirely spun out in notes emails and letters. You will laugh you will cry and you will feel warm and fuzzy, a box of tissue is a  must with every copy sold! A great rainy day read to expel the cold draughts that may creep in ^_^


4 . Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte


I felt there has to be a classic on this list. Not the easiest of stories to digest, but its gothic elements are a perfect complement to a stormy night outside! If its thundering even better!



5 .  Her Ladyship’s Girl – Anwyn Moyle


This was a book I picked up at a second hand book store, it seemed a great, quick read and it was!  Its an autobiography and traces the life of Anwyn who’s life as a maid in the 1900’s took her to sculleries of mansions and into the private sanctuaries of wealthy ladies. One could probably finish it at a sitting. I did 🙂





The Sister Circle – Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser

“The Sister Circle, ” is the first of a contemporary series. Its the story of how seven women of different ages cultures and personalities come together in a quaint victorian house and help each other through their struggles and triumphs by the bond of their sisterhood.





Thats it guys! Hope you liked the picks, I really enjoyed them all and  a few of them are faves for life.




Myself In 5 Characters Tag!

Hallo everyone.

I hope you are having an amazing day, its been a quiet one for me so far.

On feet-tapping-happy news,  I had an exciting tag come my way all thanks to Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide to Novels, so I decided to get on to it right away ^_^! Yes you read the title right, I am to chose 5 characters from fiction who I find posses a part of me! I might have forgotten some but meh these are the five who popped up.

In no prescribed order I list my nominees



Bubbly and Optimistic – Louisa Clark

(Me before you)

She is the most recent character I found myself in.

Bubbly and optimistic yes, but mostly I warmed at the way how she preferred not to burden others. I like her am in this bubble, outside of which I know there is a lot more things I could be doing yet I keep to myself and my safety net of home. Mostly I see myself in how she takes on something that really isn’t her problem (no it is…) which nearly crushes her existence. *sigh* Working in  bakery is plan B for me anyways, maybe even opening a library /patisserie even.  XD


flowers can wipe off any old pout right?! 😛


Yes I do happy dance ^_^



Resilient, dreamy and bookish  Anne Shirley

(Green Gables series)

She of all those I have mentioned is most like me. From naming pathways to dreaming about adventures, coming up with imaginary friends, changing ones name, looking out for kindred spirits and cracking slates on boy’s heads. ^_^ yep very me! Reading teaching and working towards her dreams she is very inspirational.






Quirky yet loyal Luna Lovegood

(Harry Potter series)

Though we share a sense of bizarre collection of interests, loyalty is number one where it is due. Her fashion sense, well, a dash of that too. She always has something appropriate to say… and is highly  intelligent too in an unnoticed way.





Witty yet contemplative  Lizzy Bennet

(Pride and Prejudice)

I do not aspire to be a heroine, but the reason why I love her character is because she strives to find herself, and not be taken for granted as a person and also as a woman. She refuses to be judged on her position and is insistent on being looked at because of her character. Though materialistic things are obvious necessities she places importance of personality. Most of all she is a feminist in ways yet she doesn’t insist on overriding the social hierarchy, just to be take seriously as the person she really is.






Intuitive and understanding with a touch of vanity Meg March

(Little Women)

Having been through a lot, and being mom’s constant companion are one of the things I find so similar.  Eldest born and therefore an inborn sense of responsibility. There are some things I just get. Don’t ask why or how, that’s my siblings’ job. I do love pretty things and when one finds most pretty things are so expensive, well ….*sigh* one can but occasionally complain. Nevertheless, I find that I out of my siblings are most likely to conform to the typical ways of society, though I don’t want to I just do eventually in my own style.




I hope you find this true lol. Either way, I related to them so much 🙂

I tag the following bloggers.

Gel  |  Raquel | Anna | Zainab | Nikita | Nick | Naz | Bina | Emma

I cannot wait to see who you guys pick !!

Top 5 Wednesdays: Books You DNF!

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme created by Lainey. You can join and check out past and future topics at her Goodreads page. This meme is open to bloggers on all types of media, more the merrier eh?

This weeks topic is : Books You Did Not Finish!

I do try to finish all books I pick up, so this list was really hard to compile.


1 . The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – J.R.R.Tolkien 


I bought this book along with a ton of others a good ten years ago, in equal fervour too I must add. I guess I kept pushing it back in my TBR  for so long that I eventually lost interest of it. My attempts to actually read it ended up with me dozing off! (LOTR fans Pls don’t hate me! I cannot stand it that I haven’t read it too!!)


2 . Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoevsky


I started this book months ago- the November past tbh, and am still stagnant somewhere around the middle of the story. In defense of the book, I do find it interesting, but I feel it needs a bit of effort to actually understand and comprehend what is going on. Its very depressing at some moments and that plays about with my moods too I feel. Its a psychological novel after all.


3. Midnight’s Children – Salman Rushdie


A book I’ve been reading for a few weeks now. I am as of now pulling on much effort to get it over with .I’m more than half done but I have a feeling I might just toss it away some time tomorrow XD Its another one of those books that require all your concentration or else the words play games on your minds and voila you nod off to sleep. If you see a review within this week, yes Mission Accomplished! There’s actually SO much to think about.


4. The Heart of Darkness –  Joseph Conrad


No comment. May be I was in the wrong mood. I’m a mood reader after all!



5. Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy


Its so long. Where does the story even begin!? Maybe when I’m at a home for the elderly I might have the time to give it a try again.



Disclaimer : The fact that I began reading / purchased the books probably means that something about them spoke to me. I know it wasnt the right time to actually get to complete them, so maybe in the future I will attempt to re read them all. No offence to those who love the above.


So how about you guys! Which books did you finally ditch?




Cinderzena  🙂

Top 5 Wednesday | 5 Fictional Things I Want!

Waaaah!!! Today’s topic is duh-mazing!!!! Who doesn’t want to own something from the other side of a book!!

Top 5 Wednesdays is a meme created by Lainey @ gingerreadslainey , her Youtube channel. The rules and future topics for this meme are available at Her Goodreads page.

The topic for today : Fictional Items I Want!

Why 5!!?? I can hear all the groans of the bibliophile’s attempting this meme today, mine included!! How does one chose from  having a donut or having a pizza?? Same story. You just cannot choose. After much thought (not really) I chose the following 5!

1.The Elder Wand [from the magical world of Harry Potter]



Also known as the Death Stick or Wand of Destiny, the owner of this wand can be deemed the most powerful wizard alive. (or witch!)


2. The Invisibility Cloak [also from Harry Potter]



Yep its gone for the moment! Aid for those times when I dont want to do my chores and can instead be reading in a corner!


3. Felix Felicis – A Vial of Liquid Luck! Too much to ask for?          




4. A Lightsaber [from Star Wars]


A blade of pure plasma that cuts through nearly anything. Its best feature is how it glows ^_^ and makes cool sounds. Waaah!


5. Magic Rings [from the Narnia books]


The rings allow the wearer to move between worlds, extremely useful if one is bit of a traveler or if one needs to make an escape!



Honourable mentions :
Hermes’ Flying shoes [from Percy Jackson and The Olympians]


The Time Turner from Harry Potter

Who can really say no to this. It has its pros and cons, yes, but its a handy tool!



Aladdin’s Lamp [from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights]


A lamp that houses a genie, who grants the person who summons his three wishes. The genie can never leave unless he is wished upon to be freed. Now to make Aladdin give it to me!!



That was fun!! Cannot wait for next week!

Have a blessed Wednesday!







The Random Tag

There’s a random tag?? How random! Well random is the new you! be yourself y’all!
Gel big hugs for sending the tag my way. Sorry its a bit late. Life got in the way XD


The Duh-mazing questions, answered!

1. What is your favorite food?
Rotti, any kind!

2. What are you having for dinner tonight? 

(one food question seem not enough?)

No clue. Is it safe to say Rotti? I always have a box of par cooked ones in the freezer.

(I wish I had a picture of the Paneer I make to usually have it with)

3. Who was the last person you emailed?
Gee. Email, ofcourse. What is that again?
okay okaay!
A friend probably, formally begging for pictures from her wedding.

4. What sports do you do?
Does running to get the next book in the series from my book shelf as soon as I’m done with the previous one count as running. Or running away from dogs. :/
Well I do play badminton and my brother uses me as a dummy batsman /goalie to practice his bowling/ shooting. I’ve learnt to wack a good ball or two. (sounds interesting -_-)


5. Do you have any pet hates?
Ofcourse I do!!! Its that itch you get in your palm or on the tip of your nose when something irritates you so bad. How can one NOT remember that. Only, when???
Speaking really loudly and I’m just sitting two feet from them.
Noisy eaters. Cannot bear. (sowwy)
Can I keep you posted as it happens?



6. Do you play any instruments?
I played the recorder for a year in primary school, and can play a few nursery rhymes on the piano. Would you trust me to play the triangle? I’m naturally musically depraved! lol.



Thazz it 🙂

I tag Ember, Lola, QuirkyBookNerd, Anette and Rahma !

Please do check out their blogs, and guys there’s no pressure to do it 🙂






Reader Problems Book Tag!



Hallo lovely people,

How has your day being going? Its almost noon for me, and Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide to Novels has assigned me with a task! She’s tagged me on to the Reader Problems Tag.  Woop Woop! Let everything else go on halt for the moment, an interesting tag has come my way! ^_^

Now as readers we come across  many problems of out own let alone the ones of our fictional / non fictional acquaintances. I guess you are going to find out how I react when shit gets real O_O !!

Lets get on with the tag ! ❤

1.) You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?

I’d probably check out a couple of blurbs, titles, or authors and go by my gut feeling. I always only read what I feel like. No point in trying to force myself to do so. There is a time and a mood for everything. ^_^ I dont go by hype books, usually I read them once everything has simmered down. (is that bad??)




2.) You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or are you committed?

I always finish everything I read, if anything I’d switch a book and come back to it in a few days.


3.) The end of the year is coming and you’re so close, but so far away on your Goodreads reading challenge. Do you try to catch up and how? 

If its a humongous number left, Id slow down and read the ones I feel more of an inclination to. If its a small number, I’d read my ass off, day and night. (if I dont have other obligations though)




4.) The covers of a series you love do. not. match. How do you cope?

*reads on while continuing to die inside thinking of the injustice in the world*

If I dont like a cover, I grab some paper, cover it up and write my own with markers and squiggly wiggles XD




5.) Every one and their mother loves a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings?

Everyone connects to books on a personal basis I believe but if I have to chose people, it’ll probably be my sister, one of my besties, and of recent times, some of you on here. 🙂


6.) You’re reading a book and you are about to start crying in public. How do you deal?
Sniff shamelessly into my tissue, head bent and book nearly soaked with tears dripping on it XD


7.) A sequel of a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot from the prior novel. Will you re-read the book? Skip the sequel? Try to find a synopsis on Goodreads? Cry in frustration?!?!?!

This happened to me when I read the last TMI book, how in the world do I re read all 5 of the previous books!! I texted up the bestie mentioned above and we managed to string up the plot. I’d probably re-read the book if there was just one as I havent come across a situation as so yet. 🙂


8.) Reading ADD. You’ve picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over your reading slump?
I’m going to say what Astra said. Watch some youtube videos, or some movies. I’d have a few days away from books or read something I know I will like. Also physical activity reves up our brains so maybe I’d go for a run or play something.


9.) There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?

Most times I dont get to buy new books off the bat due to where I live, either I have to get an aunt to buy it for me or when I visit some country I can. I always buy books in bulk, and they last me a few months. I get the ebooks if I really cannot wait. 🙂


10.) After you’ve bought the new books you can’t wait to get to, how long do they sit on your shelf before you get to them?
Probably 6 months to a year. If there’s something really interesting I’d read it in the weeks that follow the buy, otherwise they go on the TBR waiting list. There is usually tons of reading to be done along with the reading I do for uni XD (you poor things)



I’m going to tag a few of my recent friends on here ^_^ Have fun guys, I cannot wait to read your answers! And if you have done it before, no pressure to do it again!


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Please do check out all the blogs linked! They are all wonderful, run by amazing people 🙂

Thats it! have an amusing day 😛



PS: I dont know why but New Girl has too many relatable GIFs 😛


Also Megan Fox is the new Jess -__- Not amusing!





In the Shower tag!

My shower time has without a doubt become my brainstorming session/moment of reflection on life’s important things rather than clean up time. (soak up the irony) I don’t understand how, but being locked up in a cubicle makes my brain go crazy with ideas. I wonder if my next exams can be held in one, itll help immensely! I have been meaning to do a post on things I think of in the shower, and then I see Annabeth ‘s In the shower tag and aint I pleased something like this existed. A shout out to Emily Sama for creating this very useful and commonsensical tag! Thanks girl!

Her rules :
* Showcase the ‘interesting’ picture in your post
* Thank the person who tagged you
* Give Emily some love, forced or otherwise XD JK, we are eternally thankful to you for creating this 😛

*Copy paste the following text.
As any other sane person, I’m pretty sure your thoughts in the shower are completely insane…



Warning: its probably so boring!!!

So what does go through my mind in the shower…..??



Oh bother, the water is cold! why doesnt the heater work!

Cobwebs! Il dust them out next time, or should I now? *proceeds to tackle cobwebs*


Geez, why doesnt Ruki ever do help clean !!

Is she going through my things?

Oh no!!

Is she even home? Did she go to school?

I cant hear anything *stops faucet to listen* Nope just the neighbours.

Or is mom reading my diary? Wasnt she down stairs when I can up?

Why is the water so hot??

I should show her my blog.

Should I have one specific day for posts?

Can I use any of my quick fire notes for the blog?

Hmm, or maybe excerpts from the book.

*proceeds to say out memorable lines and ideas for future blog posts not said here because I forget them and am in a hopeless situation to recall them*

Someone should invent a write in the shower note pad. water proof and pink! gosh do I have to do everything myself! or maybe I should just have a pen and note book on the shelf.

Why oh why does Will Traynor leave Lou alone in the world? Why!!?

Should I write an alternate ending? I think I should.

Has Lay left Exo, should I fly to China and tell him why we need a real unicorn in this world!

“Oh my god ” is so funny XD

What does earwax taste like? Rowling is crazy XD all geniuses are. Am I crazy?

Sees self in reflection on glass, OMG my hair, its long!! its grown! mental note – dont trim it too much next time

ooh! I should have a fringe *proceeds to create a fringe with shampooey hair*

I should perhaps cut my toenails before uncle points it out again

Geez, his are longer than mine most times XD

Gross! Think nice thoughts! Think nice thoughts!

I’m out of shampoo! Note – type it down as soon as I get out.

No shower time is complete without a concert consisting of THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE and HELLO, maybe a One direction ballad or Happy by Pharell XD god forbid I dont slip one day…

Wait, how long have I been in here?

How does everyone say they can shower in 5 minutes?

I’m hungry. Did I have breakfast? or Dinner? *tummy rumbles* 

Should I brush my teeth now?

I think I’m coming up with a cold.

Time to head out! 

*Rinses off*

*pat dry with towel*

Did I condition? 

*open faucet and repeat all the above* 





Geez thats a lot!

Well, I tag anyone who wants to try it out!