The Random Tag

There’s a random tag?? How random! Well random is the new you! be yourself y’all!
Gel big hugs for sending the tag my way. Sorry its a bit late. Life got in the way XD


The Duh-mazing questions, answered!

1. What is your favorite food?
Rotti, any kind!

2. What are you having for dinner tonight?Β 

(one food question seem not enough?)

No clue. Is it safe to say Rotti? I always have a box of par cooked ones in the freezer.

(I wish I had a picture of the Paneer I make to usually have it with)

3. Who was the last person you emailed?
Gee. Email, ofcourse. What is that again?
okay okaay!
A friend probably, formally begging for pictures from her wedding.

4. What sports do you do?
Does running to get the next book in the series from my book shelf as soon as I’m done with the previous one count as running. Or running away from dogs. :/
Well I do play badminton and my brother uses me as a dummy batsman /goalie to practice his bowling/ shooting. I’ve learnt to wack a good ball or two. (sounds interesting -_-)


5. Do you have any pet hates?
Ofcourse I do!!! Its that itch you get in your palm or on the tip of your nose when something irritates you so bad. How can one NOT remember that. Only, when???
Speaking really loudly and I’m just sitting two feet from them.
Noisy eaters. Cannot bear. (sowwy)
Can I keep you posted as it happens?



6. Do you play any instruments?
I played the recorder for a year in primary school, and can play a few nursery rhymes on the piano. Would you trust me to play the triangle? I’m naturally musically depraved! lol.



Thazz it πŸ™‚

I tag Ember, Lola, QuirkyBookNerd, AnetteΒ andΒ RahmaΒ !

Please do check out their blogs, and guys there’s no pressure to do it πŸ™‚







18 thoughts on “The Random Tag

Add yours

    1. haha! lol girl! Rotti is the like the Indian equivalent to bread. Its made a dough and rolled flat in a circle and heated on a pan. There’s so many variations of it, love everyone of it πŸ™‚ Im not indian btw, but Sri lanka has delicious versions of them too. Google it.

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    1. Rotti is the Indian / Arabian equivalent to bread. There’s somany varieties of it. I’m not from either of those places, but my country has some pretty good variations and I love em. ^_^ Google haha!! you can have it with anything, sweet, spicy or on its own.


  1. Oh so it’s called Rotti, my Indian friends have their usual stash of those but I guess they call it differently, something Malayalam I guess. When I was reading I was imagining it was like the buns of Papparoti & suddenly craved for it.

    You should keep books farthest from your room so you’d have more meters to run πŸ˜€

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