I made some hard choices aka The Book Life- Tag!

Hallo all!

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week. Its Friday already, where did the week go? Let alone, where did the year go. Its JUNE already???!

I got to go book shopping a few days ago, and I grabbed a handful (not a trunk load sadly) so till I get the reading done, I decided I’d answer some tags I got tagged to 🙂


Since the experience of reading about characters who I wish were real wasn’t agonizing enough, I thought why not give this tag a try as I was so graciously tagged by a buddy, Simra @ Simply Simra.

Why girl you do this to me!?!!?!?! 

And why did I say yes! :/

Its all to do with that genetic disposition in humans to make life as hard, miserable and tricky as possible for themselves.

Is this post a qualification to certify that I’m 100% human? You be the judge 🙂

SO YES, I picked out my family from my many adventures to and with these bookish people and lands.


Who would my parents be?



I’ve noticed so many striking single parent figures peppering literature, and it’s rare that we find a duo who fit the bill. So I decided on the Weaselys. Kind, considerate, hardworking, understanding, generous and intent on the welfare of their kids and all who they love, striving for the greater good.



Who would my sister be?

Louisa Clarke. Shes supportive, caring and a bit cuckoo like me.




Who would my brother be?

Brothers if you may. I’d chose Fred and George Weasely. Being a slight case of a goody two shoes, I know I will be teased mercilessly but there’s a lot I can learn to ease off a bit when it comes to rules 😛




Who would my pet be?


Yes the Lion!


Logically, (the Susan in me speaks)  lions are cats, only bigger. Aslan is someone I could talk to, he’d advice me with his gazillion years of wisdom, and if I’m late for something he’d even give me a ride! XD

Just Crookshanks maybe :/



Where would I live?

I’m torn between Avonlea (so beautiful), Narnia (Cair Paravel to be exact) and who can say no to Pemberly.


Where would I go to school?

Hogwarts ??  😛


Ok ok I’ll chose another.


Chuck it.

Hogwarts it is. I’d love to experience boarding school. Added bonus is: there’s flying lessons.


Who would be my best friend?

Anne Shirley and/or Simon Lewis from TMI

They both are kindred souls on the same wavelength as me. As siblings we’d be ridiculous work for our parents hence they can be my besties 😛



Who would be my significant other?

This is such a deal breaking question.

There’s  a riff between Mr Darcy and Mr Tilney.

Mr. D is just an overall accepting person (what am I kidding!!) He’s rich, dashing and he’ll get you everything you’ll ever want and more.

Then there’s Tilney who’s very surely going to help me overcome my TBR list XD (a man who reads sure is attractive) and will help me pick out my linen haha! And I will not say no to his cottage (That’ll be something to tick off my bucket list. )

How can I forget dear Knightely. He’ll not make fun of my fanciful fits and my ridiculous ideas. *Sigh*

I’m glad this decision is not a life or death situation. I’m in a hopeless muddle XD

After much thought I’m going to say Tilney! ^_^ Now shoo before I change my mind 😛


*whispers* Gilbert Blythe!! 




~~I must add, it yet another tag that would be completed in a wink of the eye if I could fill it up with names of Harry Potter characters. J.K. ROWLING WHY did you have to write such an epic story???~~


I tag the following fellow bloggers to try this tag out 🙂

Lizzie ~  Jill   ~  Ruzaika  ~  Lola 

Anyone else willing to try this out, you are hereby tagged 🙂

Who would you chose to fill in the blanks? Please share! I’d like to know who I forgot 😛




13 thoughts on “I made some hard choices aka The Book Life- Tag!

Add yours

  1. I definitely would like to have Louisa Clark as my sister! And yes, I don’t think there are other answers than Hogwarts when it comes to fictional schools. (And honestly, I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts Letter!) 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Louisa oh Louisa. I cannot wait for the movie.
      We are all waiting deary. My lucky brother was the only one in my fam who got it on his 11th bday. >_< *wink wink* my sis and I went all out. ordered wands and bits and bobs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh I love this- thanks for the tag, Zen! I don’t think I can think of a better sister than Louisa Clarke- and Fred and George as my brothers, yes please! That reminds me- why haven’t I got my Hogwarts letter yet?!! *scarpers away to check the mail*

    Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my God! Lou as a sister would be awesome but I think she would be an awesome best friend… I loved the book so much, it broke me! I can’t wait for the movie… you excited?

    Liked by 1 person

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