In the Shower tag!

My shower time has without a doubt become my brainstorming session/moment of reflection on life’s important things rather than clean up time. (soak up the irony) I don’t understand how, but being locked up in a cubicle makes my brain go crazy with ideas. I wonder if my next exams can be held in one, itll help immensely! I have been meaning to do a post on things I think of in the shower, and then I see Annabeth ‘s In the shower tag and aint I pleased something like this existed. A shout out to Emily Sama for creating this very useful and commonsensical tag! Thanks girl!

Her rules :
* Showcase the ‘interesting’ picture in your post
* Thank the person who tagged you
* Give Emily some love, forced or otherwise XD JK, we are eternally thankful to you for creating this πŸ˜›

*Copy paste the following text.
As any other sane person, I’m pretty sure your thoughts in the shower are completely insane…



Warning: its probably so boring!!!

So what does go through my mind in the shower…..??



Oh bother, the water is cold! why doesnt the heater work!

Cobwebs! Il dust them out next time, or should I now? *proceeds to tackle cobwebs*


Geez, why doesnt Ruki ever do help clean !!

Is she going through my things?

Oh no!!

Is she even home? Did she go to school?

I cant hear anything *stops faucet to listen* Nope just the neighbours.

Or is mom reading my diary? Wasnt she down stairs when I can up?

Why is the water so hot??

I should show her my blog.

Should I have one specific day for posts?

Can I use any of my quick fire notes for the blog?

Hmm, or maybe excerpts from the book.

*proceeds to say out memorable lines and ideas for future blog posts not said here because I forget them and am in a hopeless situation to recall them*

Someone should invent a write in the shower note pad. water proof and pink! gosh do I have to do everything myself! or maybe I should just have a pen and note book on the shelf.

Why oh why does Will Traynor leave Lou alone in the world? Why!!?

Should I write an alternate ending? I think I should.

Has Lay left Exo, should I fly to China and tell him why we need a real unicorn in this world!

“Oh my god ” is so funny XD

What does earwax taste like? Rowling is crazy XD all geniuses are. Am I crazy?

Sees self in reflection on glass, OMG my hair, its long!! its grown! mental note – dont trim it too much next time

ooh! I should have a fringe *proceeds to create a fringe with shampooey hair*

I should perhaps cut my toenails before uncle points it out again

Geez, his are longer than mine most times XD

Gross! Think nice thoughts! Think nice thoughts!

I’m out of shampoo! Note – type it down as soon as I get out.

No shower time is complete without a concert consisting of THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE and HELLO, maybe a One direction ballad or Happy by Pharell XD god forbid I dont slip one day…

Wait, how long have I been in here?

How does everyone say they can shower in 5 minutes?

I’m hungry. Did I have breakfast? or Dinner? *tummy rumbles*Β 

Should I brush my teeth now?

I think I’m coming up with a cold.

Time to head out!Β 

*Rinses off*

*pat dry with towel*

Did I condition?Β 

*open faucet and repeat all the above*Β 





Geez thats a lot!

Well, I tag anyone who wants to try it out!





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  1. Oh yeah, the shower is the best idea to come up with thoughts and idea’s. They make bathtub crayons for kids, you could always put one of those in your shower and write on the wall πŸ˜‰

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  2. From where are you? I’m from the Philippines and we’re like a country of K-Pop fans haha and that expression is really popular that we use that even when not referring to K-Pop. Yeah!!! V is so funny and also J-Hope. Though all of them are really adorable πŸ˜€


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