Top 5 Wednesdays: Books You DNF!

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme created by Lainey. You can join and check out past and future topics at her Goodreads page. This meme is open to bloggers on all types of media, more the merrier eh?

This weeks topic is : Books You Did Not Finish!

I do try to finish all books I pick up, so this list was really hard to compile.


1 . The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – J.R.R.Tolkien 


I bought this book along with a ton of others a good ten years ago, in equal fervour too I must add. I guess I kept pushing it back in my TBR  for so long that I eventually lost interest of it. My attempts to actually read it ended up with me dozing off! (LOTR fans Pls don’t hate me! I cannot stand it that I haven’t read it too!!)


2 . Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoevsky


I started this book months ago- the November past tbh, and am still stagnant somewhere around the middle of the story. In defense of the book, I do find it interesting, but I feel it needs a bit of effort to actually understand and comprehend what is going on. Its very depressing at some moments and that plays about with my moods too I feel. Its a psychological novel after all.


3. Midnight’s Children – Salman Rushdie


A book I’ve been reading for a few weeks now. I am as of now pulling on much effort to get it over with .I’m more than half done but I have a feeling I might just toss it away some time tomorrow XD Its another one of those books that require all your concentration or else the words play games on your minds and voila you nod off to sleep. If you see a review within this week, yes Mission Accomplished! There’s actually SO much to think about.


4. The Heart of Darkness –  Joseph Conrad


No comment. May be I was in the wrong mood. I’m a mood reader after all!



5. Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy


Its so long. Where does the story even begin!? Maybe when I’m at a home for the elderly I might have the time to give it a try again.



Disclaimer : The fact that I began reading / purchased the books probably means that something about them spoke to me. I know it wasnt the right time to actually get to complete them, so maybe in the future I will attempt to re read them all. No offence to those who love the above.


So how about you guys! Which books did you finally ditch?




Cinderzena  🙂


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesdays: Books You DNF!

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  1. I thought I was the only one re: LOTR🙈 people loved it so much… Sometimes, I just keep silent in order not to get bashed… But i cant stand it and yeah, i didnt finish the movie too… ;( sorry lotr fans ;(

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  2. I have only read The Fellowship of the Ring and I honestly didn’t think it was that fun or exciting. It was OK…I like my fantasy to be fun and exciting, though! So I totally get it. LOTR isn’t for everyone.

    I had to finish Heat of Darkness because it was required for school. I think I convinced myself that I actually enjoyed it. Not sure, though. I was a pretentious little twerp in high school…

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    1. Every genre has its varieties and everything isn’t for everyone. I might be reduced to reading at least a summary of Heart of Darkness for my exams in case I might need to write a few lines on it. *Sigh*
      Lol pretentious twerp now seems to have big bookish dreams! There’s always books one has to read for school or uni that isn’t up your street. Oh well.

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