Wednesday Top 5- Rainy Day Reads

Hallo everyone!

Long time no post.

In case you didn’t noticed, I haven’t posted for a few days, maybe even a week. I’m such a bad blogger :/ Sowwy to myself and to you… I promised to be consisted, through sickness and in health, through computer troubles and digital bliss, flood worthy storms or critically heaty sunny spells. You get the idea….. !!


I do have good news though. I have my laptop back, as good as new. So more posts coming right up if I can spare a few hours from everything else (Studies…). Also the heat is now officially off critically-high and we-might-fall-dead-on-our-feet scenarios are off everyone’s minds.

Yes it rained!!!

Actually it rains once a day now, mostly during the latter evening which is just perfect. Imagine a lovely sunny morning and yes the afternoon is a tad heaty, but the evening changes so quickly and there’s showers around bedtime for us in Colombo. Quite fitting to have a lovely night-time-before-bed read with the rain pitter pattering outside. Hence I’m delighted with todays Wednesday Top 5 topic which is Rainy Day Reads!! ^_^

I must thank Lainey @ Gingerreadslainey for creating this lovely meme and also for this must-consider-compiling-at-least-once-in-your-life list.  It is now hosted by Sam  @ Thoughts on Tomes .


*my, what a lot of hyphens girl!!*



I’d like to say that the following list are some of the ones I’ve indulged in recent rainy days, though some of them are re reads which I thought complemented the weather.  I also tried to give a mix of contemporary and classics in the list.


Lets get on with the list shall we ^_^


1 .  The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky


I read this pretty recently, a few weeks ago to be exact thought it was released so long ago and most people must have forgotten about it and I was pretty wary being so late to join the party in reading it. It was perhaps a reason why I didnt go one to share my thoughts on the book as a blog post, so I think I’ll do it here as short as possible.

The book itself is written at an easy pace in the form of letters by Charlie to a special friend of his.His writing is very conversational like,not hard to read and is perfect of a snuggled in bed with a possibility of you yourself adding to some drops to the shower. Regardless of this, it does touch upon some very heavy topics, that you will take some time to process. I really enjoyed the book, but I do wish Charlie had been a tad bit stronger in character.


2 . Chicken Soup books


These books always are heart warming and never fail to move one from tears of sadness to fits of laughter. Excellent for a rainy day indeed.  The best part is there’s so many of these Chicken Soup to chose from, the above are two I bought a couple of years back and never get tired of reading the stories in them.



3 . Where rainbows end – Cecelia Ahern


I LOVE this book. I could read it three times back to back and still not get tired of it. Its fast paced and once again like Perks of being a wallflower a story entirely spun out in notes emails and letters. You will laugh you will cry and you will feel warm and fuzzy, a box of tissue is a  must with every copy sold! A great rainy day read to expel the cold draughts that may creep in ^_^


4 . Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte


I felt there has to be a classic on this list. Not the easiest of stories to digest, but its gothic elements are a perfect complement to a stormy night outside! If its thundering even better!



5 .  Her Ladyship’s Girl – Anwyn Moyle


This was a book I picked up at a second hand book store, it seemed a great, quick read and it was!  Its an autobiography and traces the life of Anwyn who’s life as a maid in the 1900’s took her to sculleries of mansions and into the private sanctuaries of wealthy ladies. One could probably finish it at a sitting. I did 🙂





The Sister Circle – Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser

“The Sister Circle, ” is the first of a contemporary series. Its the story of how seven women of different ages cultures and personalities come together in a quaint victorian house and help each other through their struggles and triumphs by the bond of their sisterhood.





Thats it guys! Hope you liked the picks, I really enjoyed them all and  a few of them are faves for life.





10 thoughts on “Wednesday Top 5- Rainy Day Reads

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  1. Glad to hear you’ll be posting more regularly again!
    But I’m sorry about the heat 😦
    We have perfect spring weather where i live. It’s been blissful.
    How hot is it over there exactly? It sounds really bad. Good thing it’s been raining, though. And how timely today’s post was. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well the temperature went up to around 38/39 degrees and it was SO humid.That was/is the most unbearable. Still is but a tad bit less so. If there’s no fan on, you’d start sweating in seconds. :O


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