Love’s labour lost?

  All these tears, and all this pain. All the sleeples nights, and all the attemps made invain. Why do humans hold materialistic gain so much higher than human interaction? Is love a lie? I didnt think so, but now I feel so... Does no one truly love? So is everyone selfish?   Or maybe... Continue Reading →

perturbed hearts…

  As I sit on my comfortable couch, all tucked in under a blanket, warm and shielded from the cold evening, the warmth of my laptop on my knees creating a pleasant feeling of being in my own protective cucoon, the soft glower of the lamp on my side, casts a golden glow on all... Continue Reading →

Stormy Days

  Rain drops roll down the window glass, rain drops patter on the window panes. Rain drops pound on the roof above, rain drops wash off the muddy pathways. The clouds rumble and growl, the rain is angry and wrath some. Its cold and mean out there and in reality no different to the predicament... Continue Reading →

Safety net

  “Claire!” he called in a low voice. I couldn't see him yet, but I could sense the joy in his being. I smiled.  I pushed aside the curtains with much effort. Why was I so nervous? Its just him.  There he lay, the cause of all my misery these few weeks, the joy and... Continue Reading →


    It's time. Dusk is setting in. The rays of the sun recede before our very eyes and like a curtain, night is being drawn over us, ever so softly. There is darkness heading fast from the east while the west is in a burst of colourful splendour, the yellow, pink, orange and white, putting... Continue Reading →

Dear Friday night

  Dear Friday night, Last week the weekend days bullied me. I'm writing to ask you a favour. I know the weekend days are always very busy, and always partying, but since you are the one who commences it all, and the one they all look forward/ up to, they ll be bound to listen... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth and Darcy, a year on.

"There is not much a wealthy man in possession of good fortune and great health would want than to live the rest of his life in blissful happiness with his beautiful and charming wife. This woman of known beauty and quick-witted mind has little else to do than to look after her wealthy husband’s mansion... Continue Reading →

What’s up with the “cinder”??

"Once upon a time there lived a Prince in a castle of bright white marble, lots of golden handiwork and a great wooden draw bridge. Surrounding the castle which stood atop a right sized hillock, rather like the Acropolis in Athens, were plush gardens and overflowing fountains. There were blossoms of every colour in the... Continue Reading →

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