Myself In 5 Characters Tag!

Hallo everyone.

I hope you are having an amazing day, its been a quiet one for me so far.

On feet-tapping-happy news,  I had an exciting tag come my way all thanks to Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide to Novels, so I decided to get on to it right away ^_^! Yes you read the title right, I am to chose 5 characters from fiction who I find posses a part of me! I might have forgotten some but meh these are the five who popped up.

In no prescribed order I list my nominees



Bubbly and Optimistic – Louisa Clark

(Me before you)

She is the most recent character I found myself in.

Bubbly and optimistic yes, but mostly I warmed at the way how she preferred not to burden others. I like her am in this bubble, outside of which I know there is a lot more things I could be doing yet I keep to myself and my safety net of home. Mostly I see myself in how she takes on something that really isn’t her problem (no it is…) which nearly crushes her existence. *sigh* Working in  bakery is plan B for me anyways, maybe even opening a library /patisserie even.  XD

flowers can wipe off any old pout right?! 😛
Yes I do happy dance ^_^



Resilient, dreamy and bookish  Anne Shirley

(Green Gables series)

She of all those I have mentioned is most like me. From naming pathways to dreaming about adventures, coming up with imaginary friends, changing ones name, looking out for kindred spirits and cracking slates on boy’s heads. ^_^ yep very me! Reading teaching and working towards her dreams she is very inspirational.






Quirky yet loyal Luna Lovegood

(Harry Potter series)

Though we share a sense of bizarre collection of interests, loyalty is number one where it is due. Her fashion sense, well, a dash of that too. She always has something appropriate to say… and is highly  intelligent too in an unnoticed way.





Witty yet contemplative  Lizzy Bennet

(Pride and Prejudice)

I do not aspire to be a heroine, but the reason why I love her character is because she strives to find herself, and not be taken for granted as a person and also as a woman. She refuses to be judged on her position and is insistent on being looked at because of her character. Though materialistic things are obvious necessities she places importance of personality. Most of all she is a feminist in ways yet she doesn’t insist on overriding the social hierarchy, just to be take seriously as the person she really is.






Intuitive and understanding with a touch of vanity Meg March

(Little Women)

Having been through a lot, and being mom’s constant companion are one of the things I find so similar.  Eldest born and therefore an inborn sense of responsibility. There are some things I just get. Don’t ask why or how, that’s my siblings’ job. I do love pretty things and when one finds most pretty things are so expensive, well ….*sigh* one can but occasionally complain. Nevertheless, I find that I out of my siblings are most likely to conform to the typical ways of society, though I don’t want to I just do eventually in my own style.




I hope you find this true lol. Either way, I related to them so much 🙂

I tag the following bloggers.

Gel  |  Raquel | Anna | Zainab | Nikita | Nick | Naz | Bina | Emma

I cannot wait to see who you guys pick !!


23 thoughts on “Myself In 5 Characters Tag!

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    1. Thanks! …. If anyone would ask me who my favourite character was, I’d automatically say Lizzy, but then I had to sit back and put to words why I do actually like her so much. She’s more than just a stubborn country girl…

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  1. Love personal posts like this that allow me to get to know more about my favorite bloggers.
    I started out very reserved and am slowly opening up to more personal posts. I’ll consider this one. Thanks for the nomination. 🙂

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