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Hallo everyone!

This past week has seen me attempting a spot of creative writing  and some mundane reality check rambles, so its been a while since I did a tag 🙂
I received two tags from Nick @ Nickvreys and Astra @ A Stranger’s guide to Novels to try out the Desert Island Book Tag. Thanks a bunch guys! Really appreciate it. 🙂 Please do check out their blogs, they are extremely lovely people writing amazing blogs.

Both Nick and Astra had different sets of questions. You can find Nick’s here and Astra’s here. I decided to make a concoction of both, each looked tempting. ^_^ I’m pretty sure I can get away with saying Harry Potter to all of these catergories, so it will be challenging to see what else I can come up with and Nick and Astra seem to agree too 😛

Water — A book that you found refreshingly different.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. I love how Seth has blended in history and fantasy and make it sem so effortlessly true! Just fantastic!


Food — An essential book you can’t live without.

Hard choice indeed. My instincts say Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen since its my go to book of all time. (Sorry guys you will see this book pop up everywhere!)


Shelter — A book that makes you feel at home and safe

Anne of Green Gables by L.M.Montgomery Though I read this book and its follow ups a long time ago, I relate to it so much, if I ever reread or whenever I think about it, it reminds me of my childhood. ^_^


Weapons — A book that is massive and could be used a weapon.

I’m going to agree with Astra and say The Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm. Or wait, is it my 7 book bundle of the Austen books, or even the Narnia books I bought as a bundle too. Either of the three. Regardless, I am armed people!! Bombs away!!


Companion — A Book Characters That You Would Want To Be Stuck On A Desert Island With

Tris aka Beatrice Prior from the Divergent series. She has brains, the determination and the courage to fight. She is a bit under estimated but hey I think I am too most times. Surprise is great after all.
Other contenders would be Four aka Tobias Eaton also from Divergent or Simon Lewis from TMI for beating the boredom.

images (1).jpg

Map — A book with an amazing map inside.

Who can say no to the Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter. Its pure magic XD


Matchsticks — A book that warms your heart

Oh there’s so many! I’m going to go by The Children of the New Forrest by Captain Marryat. I read this book just once years ago, I dont remember much of the story, but do remember enjoying it and feeling just happy 🙂


Compass — A book that directed you towards your love of reading

I cannot remember the first book I ever read, but I remember the first book I ever bought was the first Famous Five book. I loved the series as a kid, and still do! The first book I was ever gifted was a simplified copy of Jane Eyre, just months after. I was 6! Regardless, I loved both books, and had re read them thrice over before I asked for more. XD Gosh there was so much time back then !!


Flare Gun — A book that you would give a new reader to get them interested in reading.

Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This book is on acceptance, understanding and keeping an open mind. Its great for all ages too 🙂

download (4)

Threat — A book you were afraid to read but ended up conquering.

Odyssey by Homer. (I dont know if you can call this a book though) I put off reading it for Uni, for months, but I ended up loving it.

SOS — A book that is under hyped but you want everyone to read.

Books by Elizabeth Gaskell. I dont know many people who have read them, but they are wonderful classics. Or maybe Wonder too.


Rescued — A book you are anticipating to be released.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for sure. Though it is not technically a novel, who cares. I cannot wait so can all the other books!


Aaaand thats it!

Its time for some tagging 😛








Have fun guys 🙂


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  1. I LOVE Jane Eyre! Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is a book I’ve been putting off for awhile, although the movie wasn’t bad because it was entertaining. Have you ever seen the movie?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Nope but I damn LOVE the book!! haha! hi5 for Jane Eyre! Im too afraid to watch the movie in fear that itll ruin what I can remember of the story, Its good! A bit difficult to get into but I read it like my life depended on it XD

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha *virtual High Five*. The movie wasn’t good, but it wasn’t terrible…it was entertaining. Oh good! I was nervous that it was gonna be dumb but knowing you enjoyed it helps a lot with finally reading it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. There’s really nothing wrong with liking a book that isnt hyped up 🙂 I love the blend of history and fiction. Its so sad though when his kids got killed, because of him too! How he must have felt! I teared up a bit at the end 😥


  2. Great post! I LOVE Pride and Prejudice as well! It’s one of my all time favouirte books. ❤ I would love to have the Marauders Map as well – for, well, obvious reasons. XD I'm also super exited for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

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  3. I’ve not been blogging for long and I’ve never been tagged before – I just have a few questions about it………… Do I basically just post something on my blog with the answers, or is there a place to answer on yours? And after I’ve done it do I get to tag someone else?


    1. You basically create a post following the rules (if any) and answering the questions, then you tag the said number of bloggers. I created a different menu on my home page caz there was an influx of tags, and also caz its easier to go through the posts I’ve done, so that choice is your own.


  4. I just need to tell you about something – there’s been a bit of a mistake – don’t worry, its completely WordPress’s fault not yours, and I’m really sorry about it! Can you just tell me, how did you get to my about page? When you were having the conversation with me about the desert island book tag, on what you though was my blog, you were actually commenting on an old blog that is not in use any more and not really mine, and which I have now deleted, and that ‘about’ page you were looking at is not my current one. I’m trying to get in touch with WordPress about it, but it might take a while. Just telling you so you don’t think its my real blog that’s been deleted. In future, can you try and talk to me on the about page of, rather than the other one I’m really sorry about this………..


      1. Yes, I have deleted it. That was partly why I told you – I though you might think my proper blog has been deleted. Unfortunately, I also deleted our conversation on it about the desert island thingy. Oh well, I know how to do it now.

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