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Hello  everyone.

This is regarding  books I talk about on my blog.


All thoughts and opinions in either my rants, reviews or others posts I might attempt are entirely mine. As reading experiences greatly differ, whether you go on to read any of the books I’ve talked of in my blog is entirely your decision. I give my honest opinion of how I felt the book read, regardless of whether I enjoyed it or not.


All books I have reviewed so far have been either my own purchases or borrowed unless stated otherwise. I am open to ARCS ebooks/printed and will only review them if I feel like I’d enjoy them.


My preferred genres are YA, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Islamic Fiction, Memoirs, Mystery, Crime, Magical Realism, spinoffs on classics (esp. Austen and Brontes), and any book from diverse backgrounds. I’m a Sri Lankan, so I will make priority for english fiction from Sri Lanka.


You can find my reviews here, on my blog, my Goodreads or shared on my Twitter.

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