It’s time.

Dusk is setting in. The rays of the sun recede before our very eyes and like a curtain, night is being drawn over us, ever so softly. There is darkness heading fast from the east while the west is in a burst of colourful splendour, the yellow, pink, orange and white, putting on its final show of light for the day. With the final spectacle done, we see the glow disappear like  a veil being pulled into a void. A star is dying, and we are all being sucked into the black hole. 

What you saw before, you cannot see now.

Its disappearing, disappearing, and gone!

Suddenly, we are in darkness.





Hey everyone! 
Hope you liked the view from my roof, and nope  I didn’t hurt myself getting up there!
It was such a beautiful sunset, the beach is just down the same direction except prolly 6 kms away. On a really good day I swear I can smell the sea! ^_^
Thanks a bunch!
Cinderzena! ❤

16 thoughts on “Sunsets

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  1. I love watching sunsets and even reading about them. The combination of yellow, orange, red and a little purple makes it all perfect and worthwhile to watch. These beautiful things are a miracle.
    Btw, you have written such a good post about sunset. Totally love it!

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        1. Understandable! but this one was a Samsung Galaxy, (I think its got a badass camera) though tbh I think its the lighting and the perspective that makes a good photo story. iPhone 6S Plus, Nexus 6P, Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 are known to have the best cameras atm, I want to try to get one of those soon too!

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    1. *happy dance that it made someone’s moment* XD Glad you liked it! I love them too. I wish I lived by the beach sometimes but something is better than nothing! what roof? I climbed Everest lol.


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