It's time. Dusk is setting in. The rays of the sun recede before our very eyes and like a curtain, night is being drawn over us, ever so softly.¬†There is darkness heading fast from the east while the west is in a burst of colourful splendour, the yellow, pink, orange and white, putting... Continue Reading →

When haters, hate hate hate!

Taylor Swift won a GRAMMY for the second time this year, and she had some wise wise words! I'm not a huge fan of what she does, but she has got where she is by¬†working hard and sticking to her dreams through thick and thin, so from one sister to another, Atta girl RESPECT! We... Continue Reading →

Needed This Today

To those who feel that they are inadequate to be worthy for someone's love, be grateful that you are one of those who are empathetic and sensitive enough to feel acutely what it is to be really human. You are enough.

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