perturbed hearts…

  As I sit on my comfortable couch, all tucked in under a blanket, warm and shielded from the cold evening, the warmth of my laptop on my knees creating a pleasant feeling of being in my own protective cucoon, the soft glower of the lamp on my side, casts a golden glow on all... Continue Reading →

The Encouraging Thunder Award

Hi everyone! Oooh!! the title of this award sounds so, important!! XD I was nominated by Emma @ EmDoesBookReviews! Thanks so much girly!!! Much appreciated ^_^     I see that this award requires one's blog story! It's interesting to hear how everyone ended up here in this lovely blogging community!  Blogging after all is... Continue Reading →

The Miranda Sings Award

  Hey Guys!!   Its been an okay day so far! And the lovely Ember @ A little Safe Place nominated me for the Miranda Sings Award ! Thank you very much Ember 🙂 The award was created by Claudia @ Claudia's Thoughts to spread self love! Its so easy to list out everything we... Continue Reading →

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