But thats my spot!

Wednesday, thou art woeful!!

I don’t have the time or the mental capacity to rack my brains to make myself attempt the Wednesday Top 5, and that is really disappointing!!

Instead I’m going to rant, a short one so hang in there, on something that’s really annoying me at the moment.


My question to you:-


Do you have a specific spot that you study in?
Maybe at your study table, the little window seat, or like for me the couch in the living room, giving hell to my mum for messing up the room with books books and more books.
I’ve hogged this spot in the living room for a few years now (6 long years, okay a few months a year really), and alas she has finally won the war, and made me uproot my little (?!?!) settlement to my room upstairs. In my defence the heat is unbearable in the upper floor, and the lower one has the coolest environment making it the best place for surviving the day.

Exams are around the corner, and I’m running around the house like a headless chicken finding the optimum environment for my brain to start absorbing facts XD
I applaud those who can study anywhere, regardless of familiarity or other external factors.

To be honest I kinda remind myself of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and if you dont know who he is I guess its time to unfollow this blog…..




I’ll introduce you to this genius/ baddass / knucklehead of a physicist…


Ta ta da da da da daaa!!!


Introducing the genius who is Sheldon…..




For those of you who do know him, um Virtual hi5!! I think you know exactly what I’m talking about…

*Just imagine me walking around like a goobazombied Sheldon, books in tow…*



I know I cannot monopolize the place, especially since its the living room!

And I also know there will be changes in life but no one warned me about such a life altering change….


I feel ya Sheldon!!


Words right outta my mind…


I’m sad mad that I’ve been displaced, and its a woeful experience trying to adapt to it lol




Don’t try telling me to cool it either.




I’ve lost my nook, my mental capabilities and my sanity!!




Also….. if you are wondering after this slightly crazy rant….nope



Long story short : I WANT MY SPOT BACK!!!


Anyone else facing any problems with your studies???







10 thoughts on “But thats my spot!

Add yours

  1. Sheldon Cooper and the entire Big Bang Cast is awesome!! The entire family loves it! And yes I feel ya!! I have my spot, don’t make me move! lol

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  2. I love your rants!!

    I haven’t “studied” for school in 3 years and it has been the best time of my life.
    When I was in “Uni” I spent countless hours in the school library, always at the same spot away from everyone in a corner where no one could see me nap if I decided to do so. I must have spent days or weeks in total hours over the 4 1/2 years I went to school.

    Good times. (?)

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    1. Aww, thanks Naz! You see, I’m in the distance learning programme, so there’s a dire need to hog ones study place at home XD Nevertheless yes, good times!! Though I’ve been on the most frequent library users list all my school life lol. I still have a few years of my other degree left, so I wont be quitting study life just yet. (must be everyone else’s worst nightmare lol)

      Also I believe that where ever we go, there is always one spot for everyone depending on their personality and nature. Same goes for life, its to find that niche that we run around and tire ourselves out so much.


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