5 reasons why blogging is like getting into a relationship :O

Hallo everyone!

Its Monday morning for me over here in Colombo and a glorious one its turned out to be! Also very productive ^_^ I hope your Monday’s are equally lovely too 🙂

My blog has been going on for a few months now, and I just got thinking of how it has effected me as a person. This got me on to finding so many similarities to how life changes just as when one is in a relationship! Here’s what I noted down:


1 . The question of Commitment

Some people begin dating with a purpose, others on a whim. Is thing going to be a serious thing or are you in your experimenting stage? Some want it long term while some prefer a short term experience. The same applies for blogging don’t you think? There are times when blogging or even dating can surprise you if you began on thoughts for something short term. You may find that you have fallen in love with the experience and keep continuing for a longer time than planned 🙂


2 . Its dynamic. If thou gives, thou gets. (Most times)

If you do not put effort into any relationship it is going to be resting on a plateau of uncertainty and it will tire you out. Same goes for blogging. If and only if you put in quality content do you receive feedback on what you do, and are able to grow your blog. More oft than not, frequent interaction with the person or in the case of blogging: your readers, will improve your relationship and you will be learning something everyday.


3 . It is always on your mind..

Hmm, if you’ve ever been love struck you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t well think about how your blog is often on your mind and everything you do during the day and night will be an automatic movement of thought to your blog and your readers, where you cannot wait to share this new discovery with them. It can quite turn out to be a mini obsession. *who says? not me! :P* Isn’t that a familiar concept in relationships, where you cannot wait to share something you come across with your significant other?? 😛


4 . You are looking for ways to spice things up XD

*wink* *wink*


With time, you feel you need to get out of the rut of the same schedule you have been following for a few weeks now, and yes, this will force you to get creative. With regards to your blog, aren’t you always noting down things you want to share with your readers and on the lookout for ideas to amp up your blog? The more original your ideas the better and more likely to be appreciated. This will also make you feel really good, and hopefully make you a bit more confident in your relationship.


5. Finding ‘me’ time. ❤

One can easily get sucked into the new addition to our lives, the experience, the feeling and even the way we think now. Its very important in the process not to lose ones self, and keep reminding our selves that if you need a bit of time alone, a bit of time away, its okay to do so. I find that quality me-time replenishes our creative juices and we can get back with an improved and sometimes changed-for-the-better outlook at life or any obstacles we may be facing.



I hope you agree and do feel free to continue the list if you’ve got any ideas. I’m excited to read more comparisons!

Happy blogging everyone!! 🙂 








43 thoughts on “5 reasons why blogging is like getting into a relationship :O

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  1. I love this post, and I agree with all your points. I have to be careful about juggling with my blog and the other areas of my life. I am kinda obsessed at the moment, I either read a book, write a review or reads posts, so I have to be careful not to neglect everything else (aka hubby/ baby dog/studies / work).

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    1. I am too, which is why this post is partly a reminder to myself XD Its so easy to get distracted from everything else when it comes to reading and interacting with others in blogging XD Its all about balance after all


  2. This is all soooo accurate, it’s scary.

    #1 – I am definitely commited.
    #2 – So true. I have been putting more thought and effort into my blog and it’s paying off. 😀
    #3 – Indeed. I think about my blog at least once every hour. I mean, at work, I’m constantly on Twitter and browsing other blogs instead of working.
    #4 – Yep. My blog is so different now than it was when I started. And for the better!
    #5 – I try to get some me-time on the weekends. Monday-Friday is blog overload, so by Saturday I’m exhausted. I”m actually going to commit to a M-W-F posting schedule and take the weekends off. I feel 3 posts a week is a good number.

    Amazing post! 😀

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    1. I think at first we get so excited about the post writing, the feedback and all the social networking there is to be done that in a couple of months it gets way too overwhelming, hence why older bloggers / vloggers have scheduled posting days…. I refused to believe in this at the beginning too, but now I understand, life is not only about blogging after all. Its better when there are days set, that way your readers and yourself have a more ordered blog reading and blog post writing pattern.

      I in no way expected this post to be so popular. O_O I jotted it down past midnight caz I was getting a bit tired studying, and typed it up the next day when I was having a small break … Nothing is predictable. I’m glad you related it XD And I’m loving the new changes on your blog!


  3. very good post, and yes I have a relationship with my audience and enjoy the feedback very much.. I agree totally it does take a commitment to do a blog no less two and I am thinking of ideas for a third (a business blog) I also enjoy reading other blogs as well like yours. And to think back in 2012 I didn’t know anything about blogging in fact I didn’t know what it blogging was, my ex girlfriend suggested since I love sports and I love to write why not combine both…and it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      I didn’t know what to expect when I first decided to create an account, much less expect the enormous amount of interactions necessary to get it going. Nevertheless, I love the experience and am enjoying every moment, even though it is sometimes a love hate relationship. Its also important to be passionate about what you blog about if its going to be a long term thing too. You’ve been at this for four years now and that’s very inspirational! Good luck on setting up the third blog 🙂

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      1. Thank you. And you are right you never know what to expect when you write and the fact that people give feedback shows that what you say has value. I am always shocked when someone reads my blog and even more surprised that some of my family members actually read and share my post …

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    1. Oooh no longer single are we??! XD Welcome to the obsessive world of blogging 🙂 where the Reader page becomes your daily news feed and writing is the new breathing . lol.

      What inspires me to write? Well, you’ll notice my blog currently has no restrictions on a topic. I blog on what inspires and interests me for now, as I’m restricted on time due to studies. This blog is almost the image of what goes on in my brain (for now). Also, I’d rather blog on what I’m passionate about and not find it burdensome… So far, I’m loving the experience!!

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