But thats my spot!

Wednesday, thou art woeful!! I don't have the time or the mental capacity to rack my brains to make myself attempt the Wednesday Top 5, and that is really disappointing!! Instead I'm going to rant, a short one so hang in there, on something that's really annoying me at the moment.   My question to... Continue Reading →

I might be from another century.. :O

I have a hunch, I mean I've had this for quite some time actually. And now I want to share it with you guys... Of all the reading I've done since ages of yore, okay okay, since I started reading, I've realized that I love novels based in the Regency / Victorian times, so much... Continue Reading →

Hello Lovelies!!

one small step for me, one giant leap in the hopefully-right direction for my writing career! Yes yes yes, kudos to you Mr. Neil Armstrong 🙂 much appreciated! Regardless of all the schmancy phrase-play (if that makes sense) I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings on the progress of my life in quite equal or... Continue Reading →

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