Pre-holiday jitters!!

Time be my competitor, its only a few days till the big day. Events in the calender this year have been utterly pressurized and pressed for time and this event too will soon seem to be so, but in a rather jovial and fun filled manner where it will seem to begin too late and end too soon. The big day in question is a long awaited holiday, one whose anticipation has been building on for months on end by this time. I’m positive that anyone who has been awaiting such a get away from the long dreary cycle of everyday life, will understand the pain this period of waiting would bring.
To those of whom this scenario is all too familiar will acknowledge the sly tendency to binge dream about this getaway. Moments between the dull day to day activities, maybe while waiting for the dryer to finish its job or the printer to end its command, we’d slip into this reverie about ourselves tanning gorgeously in the sunshine or enjoying the cool Fall breeze among the firs. And for us single souls not to mention a dream of some chance encounter with a maybe special person, a holiday meeting, maybe a stroke of luck for the beginning of an extra special relationship.
Countless hours and days spent in vorfreude doesn’t seem time wasted. The tiny details of everyday, the food we’d look for, buy and eat, the many articles of clothing and trinkets that we’d see and buy off without a notice’s worth. The little things, the bigger things, would all collect and conform to a pile amid plastic bags and boxes in our room back at the hotel, a problem for the last evening of our journey ; )
That moment when it finally sinks in that the day is come, is one of indescribable joy. It really is. That moment high in hormones and nervous recheckings, random doubts as to what may have been forgotten, and that telling moment when we realize its too late to run along to get that extra bottle of sunscreen you just might need. The day no doubt will roll through in no time and if we aren’t ready it will pass us before a blink of an eye. Hence we must be ready to capture the moment in our hearts, minds and also in true 21st century fashion, in our phones.
Now I think I’l stop being a scatter brain wuss and get my packing done with, maybe I’l need that extra pair of socks afterall. ; )


12 thoughts on “Pre-holiday jitters!!

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  1. First of all i am really happy to be the first to comment if i am right. 🙂 Enticing and pharaonic work! and “scatter brain wuss” is really true. All the best for more mind blowing in the future..

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  2. Try not loading up your baggage with socks. You being a bookworm. You will need to bring back some….food. to roll up in a corner and bury your head in a book….Like always

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  3. Well, that was fun to read~ Encore! Post-reading, I can totally see why you call yourself optimistic.. :PPP ps – I’m adding this blog to my bookmarks

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