T5w | 2017 Goals? Lemme see….

I haven’t done a T5W in ages, and the week I finally decide to do one, I have a topic I was trying my best to avoid this year. *sighs* I’ll take it as a sign of fate, stop procrastinating and just do it already! Jk jk! Its high time to take a deep breath and collect my thoughts before plunging into yet another eventful year.  hthdrhddrd.png

2017 GOALS! I see so many people bunking the idea, while a few bravely set out venturable tasks for themselves. For those of you who decided to do the T5W like me, lets get through this together 🙂

In all honesty I’m having trouble getting used to the new year haha. Wah! where did 2016 go, huh? I think the general trend around the world is that 2016 was an enlightening year for everyone. We saw it all, the good, bad and ugly. Possibly in that order too. *more sighing* It was no different for me too in my nook of the world. The beginning of 2016 was pretty good. In the bookish world, I cannot be delighted enough to have discovered the book bloggers nook on WordPress. From there I went on to socialize on Twitter where I made a ton of new friends and learnt so so much! Also successfully  managed to survive year two of Uni. One more to go! *claps with all the energy I can muster* rmbrs that I have assignments to write after this hurried post. smh! and i thought it all ended with school. 


A predominant feature of my 2016 was an ever extrapolating movement towards the deep end of Kdramas and Kpop  and trust me being that deep in is tiring AF. I loved every minute of it, and the more you discovered the more you wanted to know lol. I found my k counterparts Namjin (fangirl in me had to smirk) and shed blood sweat and tears with my bias groups (more smirking). I’m not complaining but it drains you a lot, kinda like the iPhone batteries. I was also delighted to come across an anime that I hadn’t loved this much in a long time in the form of Yuri!! on ice!   (ps. u really do need Yuri in your life >.>) Let me know if you want recs  🙂 psst again! you really do!


If 2016 was an enlightening year, I want to make this year the year I use the knowledge I have acquired. Actually put it to use, and regularly. I’m a sucker when it comes to sticking to a cycle, so this is a challenge in itself. Its also really frightening that I’m suddenly getting old. Its the mid twenties YIKES!! where did the years go??! Kyaaa~~ Hajima time! I’m still young at heart!


5. Learn driving. Even if I don’t get the license, I want to be confident enough to drive to the nearest grocery and back (it’s just around the corner smh) the end of the world seems hella near (mhm, incorrect choice of words) and I don’t wanna rule out a choice of survival where driving is the best option. *Ok now how do I persuade dad that I won’t hurt anyone just by pressing the ignition button*


4. Stop procrastinating!

Uhuh! I’m one of them. I really have to stop putting off assignments and posts until the last minute! Think ahead, plan ahead! ASDFGHJKL! Is it the dreamer in me that makes me wander off in to the different thoughts floating around in my head? Be it assignments, reviews that are due or even just my laundry, haha the older I grow the worse the condition is becoming. Cant anyone relate?? (pls say yes >.>)


3. Read rather than watch.

I call myself a reader, and the choice between reading and watching should be a no brainer, but I think I have gotten off the reading track for some time now. I’d like to get back on hence I’m not setting a book reading goal this year either but I intend to consciously choose to read more. (Soz. I’m just dealing with stuff in my head, hence the MIA from the blog too) Anyone else have this problem? I’d like to know. My bestie can switch between both so effortlessly, while I’m a lost cause. Only one works at a time for me.


2. Work on short stories

A good portion of my childhood was spent reading, the other bit was spent writing. Of late I feel that I let that slide using exams and just life as an excuse, so I’d like to bring that back.May be I should go out more to get that inspirometer ticking.


1. Give my blog and my followers more of my time.

I know, I know, very cliché and it’s barely a goal, but I think tis something I take for granted. This blog is the culmination of my thoughts and your response to it. I can only grow it if I am constant and frequent in posting and tending to it. I am forever thankful to those of you who follow me, and have taken the time to talk to me, I enjoy our conversations but of late I haven’t been doing that much and it eats at me everyday. Saying sorry wouldn’t suffice I know so I will get on it immediately.


Its already 4 days past the year yikes!  I wish you all the best of health, happiness, self love and all the delights that come with reading and blogging in the upcoming year and may you have the strength to pull yourselves together at any hurdles along the way! Keep motivated, keep inspired!

And, if you have watched Yuri on ice, TALK TO ME!!! I’m still in frantic fangirl phase. kekekeke!