Blogger Recognition Award! :O

Hallo everyone!

I hope you have been having a good day, and for those of you who say meh! well smile and give yourselves a hug.

You might have noticed by the title that yes, I’ve been nominated for yet another award! To be honest, aaaah! I totally forgot about this one!  I’d like to thank the lovely Trina @ Its Good To be Crazy Sometimes for nominating me a long time ago! I’m so sorry for the delay, but I accept your nomination ^_^ Here’s the link to her award post and here is the link to her blog, please do check out her witty and inspirational posts! This post is mostly going to be about people who have inspired and motivated me in one form or another!!


Warning: its rather long ^_^!! Grab something to eat y’all!


About the Award

The Blogger Recognition Award was created by the lovely Eve at Edge of Night. Despite the numerous blogger awards floating around she believes that one more such award will not dampen the party but will add more sunshine and goodwill among the blogger community! These awards are ways in which we bloggers show appreciation and recognition of fellow bloggers that we feel need to to be put on the lime light for our own reasons. So lets nominate some bloggers, spread the happiness and highlight why we think they are awesome!! In the end its great to be appreciated for our efforts innit??

Kudos to you Eve! Hugs ^_^






About my blog!

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember. When I was in school, my friends and I would all have book-a-thlons where we would complete booklists we compiled. Then followed heated discussions on everything we read. It was bliss. With the end of school, ended friend meet ups and book discussions, (though we still do send book recommendations once in a while) and the start of a new phase in our lives-University and careers, spread us to all parts of the country and also the world.

Then began the phase where on my own, feeling the brunt of Uni, distance learning has its major CONS, and being stranded without people to discuss and mostly fangirl over my old and newly acquired interests, I wanted some sort of connection. I tried various social media, I mean they do help ,but I still felt it didn’t seem enough. Blogging was constantly on my mind but I would always keep pushing it back with some excuse.

It was also at this point when I was was feeling a decline in spirits and having self confidence issues, and maybe a touch of depression (?!? they were really bad days). There were the bad days, there were the good days. I talked about  it in my post Being Grateful– the post I wrote to mark my 50+ followers!

August 2015- I had an accident, mostly owing to my own clumsiness and inability to run without tripping over myself first. I had never been bedridden for so long ever before. Three weeks of do not get off -keep your head down, and a further three weeks of do not exert yourself. I felt like Katie from What Katie Did 😛

What I did have now was time and it was during this period when a good friend of mine by some way or another pushed me into taking the step into starting a blog. Finally. The blog was initiated, but then sadly I fell back, for four months due to exams and other life’s smut I haven’t yet talked about in this blog. Maybe eventually but you must know it affects me still. Beginning February though, I was back at it and I’ve been consistent and loved every minute ever since. Every book discussion, every post I wrote, and it feels fulfilling to fill up this space I occupy on the internet! And you all have been too kind!  ^_^

Books are the main focus of my blog, but I want to incorporate other aspects of my life too. There’s too many things I love that I want to share my thoughts and rants on, so please bear with me 😛 I’ll try to be as coherent and legible as possibly in all my hurry to say it all!


Advice to new bloggers

  1. The first month is the most important. Keep writing no matter how low the views are.
  2. Interact with others. Read what they write. Acknowledge those who were here before you. You give, then you get. This has to be my favourite aspect of blogging so far. Meeting like minded people.
  3. It will take some time to figure out our voice and a rhythm. Again, keep at it. Your first month doesn’t have to be perfect. You will learn gradually.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’ve found that everyone in the blogging community is as kind as humans can get. There will be someone to help you.
  5. Enjoy the experience. Don’t get sucked in. Write for yourself, then for others. Have fun.




The Rules, The Rules!

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.
  • Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post.
  • Display the award in your blog post! 
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them.
  • Provide a link to the creator of the award, Edge of Night. Now we all know where our source of momentary happiness originated ^_^



I nominate, in no particular order, the following lovely humans who have in ways not known to them, helped me along the way by being their awesome selves! 


Zainab : For being especially sweet to me when I was getting back on my feet with blogging ^_^  She reviews books and writes about all things bookish!

Nazahet : For being an amazing diverse reading advocate. Respect for you buddy in that aspect itself. His passion is inspiring and his book recommendations are as always diverse and intriguing.

Nida : For being a lovely human who breathed some inspiration into me to get back into blogging. She writes on beauty, lifestyle and everything in between.

Astra :  Her posts and book reviews are always interesting. Always.

Ide :  For reminding me of myself at 10. Her extent of thought, artistic vision and knowledge is admirable.  She writes on books, art and Greek mythology and everything inbetween.

Orangutan Librarian: Just becaz. She’s awesome!  Just follow her!

Jerry : For making me think. A nod of approval from him means so much to me 🙂  He runs two blogs. One on sports  and the other on life motivation which always inspires me.

Lizzie : Whose thought provoking posts are always a winner 🙂

Genesis  For being so sweet and understanding to me! That is something that’s really hard to come by. ^_^

Vilina : Her blog ‘A Soul’s Journey’ is rightly named.  Click to be helped, motivated and inspired.


In no way is any of you impelled to accept the award. The choice is yours. 🙂

That’s the end of the post! Thank you so much for reading! Happy blogging y’all!






✨ The Infinity Dream Award ✨

Hallo lovely people! 


How are you all doing this lovely Sunday? 🙂 Its a quiet day here in Colombo, and the heat maybe a few degrees lesser today. So, cool times! *eyes the 2 litre bottle of water next to my monitor* The heat isn’t over yet.😩  Many people I know have fainted away 🆘


For the next few days, I thought I’d get on with doing some tags and acknowledging some awards that have come my way in the past couple of weeks! To everyone who nominated me, a big thank you and I’m sorry its taken a while to get on them! ^_^


Dum dum dum!! Awards time! Today I attempt The Infinity Dream Award!

I was nominated by the lovely Jackie @ Fall In Love With the Sound Of Words Thanks so much ^_^!




The Rules

#1 Thank the blogger who nominated you.

#2 State 11 facts about yourself

#3 Answer the questions that you were set

#4 Nominate 11 bloggers

#5 Set 11 questions for them


Facts about me!

May I skip this….? Its so exhausting listing things about one’s self and I might just faint in this heat. 😛


My questions answered!


1 . What is your favorite food?

(I’m not going to say Rotti)
Rotti accompanied by anything from spicy curries to ketchup to nutella. I’m not kidding!


I hope you get exactly what I mean! I’m officially hypnotized watching the above!! 😛


2. Who are your auto read/buy authors?

I think JK Rowling cannot go wrong any day. Any of P.G.Wodehouse’s books cannot go wrong either.


3. Do you prefer printed books or Ebooks?

I had to think a bit about this one. A few years back I would have been a full on printed books advocate, but now I don’t mind either.



4. You can choose one book to take with you to a deserted island to read over and over. What book is it?

A book on survival or on berries if I’m being sensible but I take it that is not what is meant haha!




5. If you could be any character from a book or movie, who would it be?

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter no doubt. Feminine, brainy, badass, and kind.



6. If you could live in any world what would it be. Could be real or fictional.

I would go back to Victorian England! Bring me the dancing and the tea parties and the letter writing and the piano playing flirty evenings haha. That’s more real than fiction though right?


now I have a headache with all this circling 😛



7. If you could change an ending of a book, which one would it be? Why?

I have been asked this question a few eeks back, and I was at the time still raw from the emotional ending of “Me Before You” by Jo Jo Moyes. Currently I am not in a mood to be thinking up alternate endings for books, the ones I’ve been reading have been too heavy on subject matter and seem to have appropriate endings. (?!?)


8. Coffee or Tea?

This is rather a controvertial question for me. They both fix my caffiene cravings, and it totally depends on my mood and weather. But Sri Lanka is a land of tea, so heck yea! TEA!



9. Where is your favorite place to read?

My bed! Always!


10. What is your favorite animal?

Horses and rabbits


11. Choose one book you wish you were the one to have written!

Oooh! Pride and Prejudice. Haha I know its far fetched! Austen is my writing idol, she took so little and showed it as it is in such a witty, understandable universal language and that is admirable.



My Questions to you!


1 . What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year? 

2. Which fictional character inspires you the most?

3. Describe a perfect rainy afternoon.

4. Which can you live without? Instagram or Goodreads?

5. What’s your dream job?

6.  Favourite genre to read?

7. What is your perfect pizza?

8. Would you rather have lunch with Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling? What would you order? (lol Big Macs with Austen)

9.  What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?

10. Put the word ‘INFINITY/ INFINITE’ in a sentence.

11. In your opinion what constitutes a good book?



My nominees! 

I hereby nominate the following lovely bloggers. Please do check out their sites! 🙂

Claire |  Michelle | Bina  | My Random Blog | Lizzie  | Lilly  | Lila Ember | Raquel 





That’s it for now peeps. Wowy it took so loong! I hope you liked reading through.

Tc until my next tag,




Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hallo my lovely readers 🙂

How has the day been treating you?  I’d like to send every one of you a  little ray of sunshine to brighten up your days, or nights with all the positivity and happiness I can muster ^_^!!

I was nominated by two beautiful souls for this award. Firstly the lovely E.H @ Embarrassed Heart’s blog, and secondly by Ariana @ The Quirky Book Nerd, Thank you so much guys, much appreciated. I loved answering your questions!  For the rest of you, please drop by their blogs and strike up a conversation with these two, they are lovely indeed. 


Ze Rules!!! 

*Thank the person who nominated you
*Answer the questions from your nominator
*Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask 11 questions


The questions answered!


E.H’s questions

#1 What’s the weather like today?
Extremely sunny with a chance of a heat wave

#2 What’s your favourite part of blogging?
Pressing the ‘PUBLISH’ button. JK!
That and writing the post, and also just seeing how everyone responds.

#3Can you name your three latest WordPress/blogger friends? Show them that gratitude!
Lola , Millie  , Mayam shout out to you!!!! Thanks for dropping by and for reading! Your blogs are amazing! Keep it up!

# 4 Does the world spin the right way for you?
Not at all, and that is quite quite alright!!
Most times I find things happen in ways I dont quite want it to, or I stress out when I think something might go wrong, eventually when its done and dusted I think back and wonder why I freaked out so much, because in the end everything will unfold itself to me, the way it was planned to and maybe I should chill and enjoy the ride, and that is what I’ve been trying to do for sometime now ^_^


#5 Describe your best friend!
She’s petite and fair and all sweetness-she’s also funny and creative and charismatic-she’s my bae and my side kick, but mostly my sister from another mother 🙂


#6 Are you tall?
Nope. Is 5’3 short? NO FRICKING WAY!


#7 What’s your favourite book?
This question again! Pride and Prejudice (dont jinx it y’all)


#8 Do you play any instruments?


#9 Are you into the romantic world?

YES! nothing wrong with that. I’m a hopeless romantic, in love with love no doubt!



#10 & #11 EH’s sunshine was taken away by the raaiin, so she couldnt complete the list of questions 🙂



Ariana’s Questions

1. If you could travel to any period in time, where would you go and why?
Victorian England ofcourse ppfft! Yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with gowns, balls, tea parties and young men in tailcoats and hats.



2. What is your favorite under-hyped novel?
I dont knooww!! Should I have an answer? I dont like the concept of hype.


3. What type of music do you enjoy listening to the most?
I once came across a question along the lines of ‘What sort of music do geniiuses listen to?’ on Quora. According to the answers given, the right music for an individual is the one that uplifts them and inspired them. So basing yourself to one genre is like limiting your horizons. I was glad I had come across someone else thinking along the same lines, as I too do not like to set myself one specific category. Not heavy metal though! No Sirrie!


4. What are three books you absolutely refuse to read?
This question doesnt apply to me. I try to read as many books as I can reach, regardless of genre. If I have to chose, grr. The Lord Of the Rings trilogy. I don’t know why but it has never appealed to me. Could it be that I watched the movies first?


5. Do you prefer series or stand alones?

Hard to say. Stand alones have their charm in being a complete work, where as it is always good to know what happens next. I’m going to go with series as that means more to read though a big bite in one’s pocket!! ^_^


6. What are your favorite and least favorite book to movie adaptations?
Favourite : The 2005 P&P adaptation starring Keira Knightely and Matthew MacFayden!! It was a star cast too! Incredible, with great acting.

Least Favourite: I would have complained of the Mortal Instruments movie, but in comparison to the series I am in love with it, no complains. so I’m going to say The Great Gatsby. Despite the glitzy cast, I wish they had stayed true to the book, the movie lacked so much….



7. What is one food you never get tired of eating?
I am going to pick one category of foods (because I’m not picky really).. I will never get tired of eating marshmallows, meaning they are fun to eat/play with and just sweet


8. What are the most difficult and most rewarding things about blogging for you?
Most rewarding is a sense of accomplishment / sense of having done something once I have published a post, and even better if you the readers seem to like it. I only write about what touches me and if its within my range of interest, so if you like something I do, it is really a happy moment.
Most challenging thing about blogging is finding your voice, and shaping the blog into something that you want, be it the posts you write, the themes you follow and even to the words you chose to use really. I still think I haven’t found my rhythm, I am still experimenting on what I would like to be writing. I want to continue blogging in the long term so I want it to be something I do because I love it and not something that turns out to be a chore in the long run.





Annnnd thats the end of the questions! Hope it was interesting.
Now for some nominees.

I nominate the following amazing bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award!





Stepmom Incognito









Your questions from me!

1. If you ever got to meet any unicorns what would you ask it? (Assuming they can speak)

2. What is your spirit animal?

3. If you could chose to be bff’s with one fictional character (book or movie) who would it be and why?

4. If you could go back in time and re-live any historical event what would it be and why?

5. A day without the internet or a day without reading?

6. Why did the chicken cross the road?

7. Why did Darth Vader cross the road? (to get the chicken ofcourse…)

8.Morning person or night person?

9. Sunshine or rain? (think very carefully while looking at the title of this award!)

10. What is the last book you read? Give it some promo using four adjectives, whether you like it or not. (SOMEONE achieved their dream!!)

11. Are your blogger friends the best ever? (*blogger friends look on expectantly!*)



Thats the end of the interview guys!!

Those nominated are under no pressure to accept this either if you have or haven’t received this nomination before. To those who decide to accept, hope you have a nice time answering the questions 🙂

Thanks for reading!! ~~~~



The Entertainer Blogger Award

Hallo everyone!

Its time for an award post.

Lets see….

Entertainer huh! Well I’m honoured! I have a big thanks to Raquel @ Rakioddbooks for nominating me for the Entertainer Blogger Award !! Please do go check out her blog for book reviews, and lots more interesting tidbits 🙂


The rules, the rules, the rules! 🙂

# Write a post with the award picture.
# Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring, and, most important of all, ENTERTAINING!
# Add these rules to the post.
# Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog!
# Answer the 5 entertaining question


The questions, answered !!

1. Why did you want to start a blog in the first place?
Everyday I’m learning, reading, seeing and sometimes creating new things; certain stuff bore me, the others delight me, and the blog is mostly an outlet to share share and share! Its also giving me something to be seriously consistent at (aaah! stop judging already!).


2. What is your favorite book?
Stop asking so many times already.
I’m a Pride and Prejudice fanatic. No two words about it! Now please lets move on and have pity on my nerves.




3. What do you dislike the most?
Smelly toilets.
Also, NOT RETURNING BOOKS THAT WERE BORROWED!!!(That’s some serious crime needing immediate justification! You’ll understand the hurt if it has happened to you, so mail me up, lets e-sit-down over some e-coffee to hate on them imbecilic dweebuses!NO mercy! That was a piece of my soul you stole. My hocruxes!)


you are warned XD

4. What is your favorite food item from the mall?
Crispy on the outside-soft on the inside chips with salt and ketchup.


5. What is your favorite pass-time activity?
Other than reading you mean?
Tv, baking and playing badminton in that order. ^_^ the favourites change according to the mood.


DONE ALREADY!!!!! 😦 aaawwee! I’m rather sad there aren’t any more questions to answer! XD Well I hope you learnt something about me haha! I enjoyed doing the tag. Thanks a lot once again Raquel!! Hugs 🙂


Gee the nomineees! Who entertains mee…?? There’s the lot of you!
I’m going to pick at random and nominate:









Embarrassed heart





(As always, if you have done it before you can ignore it or give it a go sometime later. No pressure :))


Have fun guys 🙂

And Happy Thursday ^_^




The Creative Blogger Award

Hi everyone!

Another award sent my way by the lovely Nikita @ Bibliophile, and someone else I cannot remember :/ She’s a sweet one!


The Rules!
# Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
# Share five facts about yourself.
# Nominate 15-20 bloggers and add their links.
# Notify the bloggers you included.
# Keep the rules in your post.




~ 5 Facts About Me! ~

1. I sew! This includes my own clothes (its forever summer here so summer dresses are my thing), to anything I put my mind to really 🙂

2. I can cook almost as well as my mom, caz she is super!! I can say that now as most times dad cannot differentiate whether I cooked, or mom ^_^

3. I sketch and colour using oil crayons (specifically so)

4. I like organising events 😛 mostly because I love being the bossy boots (dont worry I’m the cool kind) XD

5. I need to go to the beach every once in a while. I feel so inspired after a drink of the view and the feeling of the wind on my face. (if you get what I mean…)



My nominees are :

Kupory, SweetScribbles, Book362worm, Bookersblogger, CerbilatBlog, Bear, Ide, MyOverFlowingThoughts 
(My 15-20 blogger nomination was cut short as I was hunting down blogs that I think havent been awarded this particular award. If you already have, please simply ignore it 🙂 )


Please do check out all the lovely and creative blogs linked!





The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello everyone!!

Hope you have been having a nice day so far, for me its been a bit hectic. On with the post now 🙂

I was nominated for this award a couple of days back by my kind fellow bloggers at Bibliophile and Not the Average Mama. Thank you so much guys 🙂 Appreciate it!



# Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
# Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.
# Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.
# Share 7 facts about yourself!





~ 7 Facts About Me 🙂 ~

1. I dont have a driver’s license. (yet?!?!)
2. I can dance as gracefully as a penguin and sing as melodiously as a monkey. XD
3. I hate insects!
4. Im a cat person (no dogs – I’m allergic to them :/ )
5. I’m rather good at impressions.
6. My favourite number is 6, after my birthday 🙂
7. I enjoy washing dishes 😛 (hence the cinder, yay!) there’s something satisfying in making sure things come out clean and spotless.




My nominees are:

RakioddBooks , Bridgett, Anna, StarlightBlog, Codie , Lila , Bear , Natalie , Deanna

Please do check out all the blogs linked, they are all amazing!


Thats it!





The Encouraging Thunder Award

Hi everyone!

Oooh!! the title of this award sounds so, important!! XD I was nominated by Emma @ EmDoesBookReviews! Thanks so much girly!!! Much appreciated ^_^




I see that this award requires one’s blog story! It’s interesting to hear how everyone ended up here in this lovely blogging community!  Blogging after all is a commitment that one takes on, and it is often encouraging to see someone keep at it for months and months. A hefty pat on the back to every one of you who have inspired me to go on 🙂


My purpose of blogging?

I have this thing where when I’m happy, or have something going on, I cannot keep it to myself. In recent years, with Uni and life in general I havent been able to keep up with my friends to a point where they and I have no time to fangirl/discuss/ argue over books/opinions and life’s curveballs, so I felt I needed a platform to share my interests and maybe a bit of a rant here and there too. Why keep it to one’s self when it can be shared and enlighten and brighten the day of another too!  I do hope you like what I write.


My nominees are Bear ,  Ruby and Natalie 



The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Post the Encouraging Thunder logo.
  • Tell us your purpose in blogging.
  • Nominate others for the award.


Thats it! Have fun guys 🙂



The Miranda Sings Award



Hey Guys!!


Its been an okay day so far! And the lovely Ember @ A little Safe Place nominated me for the Miranda Sings Award ! Thank you very much Ember 🙂

The award was created by Claudia @ Claudia’s Thoughts to spread self love! Its so easy to list out everything we do not like about ourselves, but Claudia is right!  Its time we started compiling a list of things we like about ourselves too !


So, here are the rules:

❤ Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.
❤ Include the featured image on your blog post.
❤ Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.
❤ List 7 things you love about yourself (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)
❤ Don’t use negative connotation. (I.e. Don’t say things like – I’m prettier than an average person or People have told me I’m smart. You ARE pretty. You ARE smart.)


7 things I like about myself:

  • I like my eyes. They are my best feature XD
  • I love where I live. Colombo is great! Its got a mix of everything one needs, not to much not too little 🙂
  • I am open minded, and I’m glad of it. I dislike people who have stereotyped views and aren’t at least willing to listen to other POV.
  • I’m a know-it-all because I’m a readaholic.  ^_^ You can talk to me about anything and I will probably know something about it. (though when people underestimate me, it pisses me off like crazy!) READING IS POWER PEOPLE!!
  • I know I’m trustworthy and willing to help people when needed. I trust people easily and I like it that people trust me back.
  • I know I was pretty  good in English, composition and essays, all through school.
  • I have a pretty good life and I love it, the people in it, the places I find myself and the experiences I go through


In the true words of Miranda




I nominate everyone who ‘likes’ this post. Its self love time!!

Have a nice day!!





✨The Book Fangirling Blog Award ✨

Hallo everyone!

I have news!
The lovely emdoesbookreviews nominated me for the Book Fangirling Blog Award, which I will accept so that I get to nominate a few of my fellow bloggers who I know are bigger fangirls than me in this blogging world. This award was created by the lovely Hannah of The Book Fangirling blog  with an aim to give recognition to those who fangirl the hardest! yay! Many thanks Hannah and Emma !





There are ofcourse a few simple rules.

* Create a post to accept your award
* Add the blog award button into your (as a lil widget)
* Link to Hannah in the post so others know who has given you the award
* Answer the questions I have set below
* Nominate between 5-10 book bloggers who you think deserve this award
* Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees
* Link your nominees to this post so that they know the rules


Emma’s questions for me, answered !

1. Who do you normally fangirl with? In real life or over the internet?

I think a bit of both. My best friends and I share may interests, which include the mutual  love of many books, though I will put this under over the interent as i rarely see them now. Next are my blogger friends on here who I love sharing conversations with! Thanks guys for those moments of glee! In real life the most important persons are my siblings, my cousins and my aunt (yes shes old with two lovely kids), with whom I always end up talking about my latest interests, vice versa.

2. Who was your first ‘ship’?

This may surprise you. I cant remember if I shipped Dick of the Famous Five and Jo the Ragamuffin they meet, or just Dick  and George XD its a children’s story I know, but then they grow up and so did I, and I have had plenty of time to think about it. Any Dick-Jo shippers out there?!?



3. Have you ever read or written fanfiction about a book you loved?

Yes! Pride and Prejudice is my go to book which I cannot get enough of, hence I’ve read as many fanfics as I could get on it, I even attempted to write my own. (its lost in my hard disk for now)


4. What was the last book/character/ship you fangirled over?

Me before you by Jo Jo Moyes!! I loved the book, and am contemplating writing an alternate ending to it! I was highly disappointed!



5. If you could be flatmates with one fictional character (no romance!) which character would you choose to live with?

Can they be girlsss!?

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter ! She’s such a rambly character, but not without sense. Id love her company!




Anne Shirley from the Anne series! She’s my most relatable fictional character. (no I don’t have red hair!)


if its a guy, I’d say Simon from The Mortal Instruments!


aaah he gets me ^_^


My nominees are the following:

A Bibliophile’s Obsession 

Fanfiction Fandoms 

Live Life with a smile 

The Orangutan Librarian

Jacquelin Cangro


My questions for my nominees

  1. What is your reaction to those who oppose your special ‘ships’?
  2. What has been your longest fangirling book/ series/ ship?
  3. If you could chose one character to spend a day with who would it be?
  4. What is your most recent fangirl moment and on what?
  5. In your opinion what is the most underrated book/ series that you love, which you would love to promote?


Thats it guys!

Hope you have fun! Enjoy!







Leibster award nominee?? Mee??

Woah, woah, woah, wait up!

You dont saaay!!!?

For those of you who haven’t seen me and for those of you who have and fully well have experienced this, the news made me go fifty shades of Pink and Red and everything inbetween!!! ✨

I have to thank my lovely friend nshahzad ❤ for the honour of making me one of her nominees for the 2nd Leibster award, hugs and kisses your way, and fyi people, her writing might just turn your gloomy monday mornings eyelined in glitter! She’s awesome! Im so proud of her being a newbie in wordpress and all, hnnng….! ^_^


My blog is just over half a year old, but I’ve been down for some time dealing with some of my inner demons who has been stealing my sunshine away (haaaiya, take that!), and this notification in my inbox made me jump like a Jill-in-the-box and make me wanna go on! 🙂 ❤ :* buhbye days of pitter patter raindrops, bring in the sunshine and rainbows! Now on with the rules my friends.




Theres five so pay attention! 🙂
1. Tag the person who nominated you 😛
2. Answer the 11 questions you are given…
3. nominate 11 new bloggers and tag them ❤
4. Give them 11 new questions to answer.
5. Notify your nominees.


So here are my answers to the questions by nshahzad

1. What is the most difficult challenge you faced as a blogger when starting out and how did you overcome it?
I have always known what I wanted to blog about, and that is on everything and anything that makes me happy and forget the setbacks in life. The most difficult part is the actual process. Starting out, and not being accustomed to the whole experience can be intimidating ‘caz the likes and follows and views are sometimes far and low… but I’ve finally learnt that it doesn’t matter, because the journey of building that dream blog space is what matters, the moments when blog post ideas stroll into your mind and then that pitter patter of the heart beat when you *finally* press “publish”, are totally worth all the hard work. Even better when even one person appreciates your work ❤ :* Its about your after all!

2. What 3 tips would you offer to new bloggers?
❤ When it seems hopeless, remember why you started in the first place!
❤ When your get follows, thank them for giving your hope.
❤ have a schedule, but its okay if you don’t always keep up.

3. Name the one beauty and skincare product you cannot live without?
Very me Peach me Perfect Skin Glow, for those days when you are lazy to pile on the layers on your face and just want a natural glow…. ❤

4. Which product would you rate as the absolute worst purchase ever and why?

does a unreliable makeup holder bag count

5. Post one blog here which you found entertaining, informative or both.

I confess I am a shopaholic

entertaining, and on point 🙂 

6. Do you think blogging is better than making videos? why?
YES! its comparatively less time consuming in creating the content and editing, its perfect for those of us with a tinge of introvertness in our personalities, its keeping your school writing assignment skills on point even after leaving school, and most importantly it keeps the beauty of words and story telling alive in todays day and age 🙂 yipppie!! ✨

7. Name your favorite fragrance.
right now its Nina L’Eau by Nina Richi

8. What 5 items are always in your handbag?
❤ Compact mirror (you never know when theres some loose strand of hair!!)
❤ Bobby pins, to keep em head scarfs in order
❤ Hand wipes
❤ Giodarno Bronzing Pearls, for a quick freshen up ❤

bronzing pearls
❤ a notebook (ok im old fashioned, a’ight!)

9. Which store do you usually shop at for your beauty/skincare products?
Oriflame, for when English Holidays seem far away….

10. How would you define your blogging style?
laid back rambles about things that are going on in my life. I hope to improve ! ❤ (flex)

11. If you had one wish what would it be?
Duh! more wishes??

JK! wish every single person is and feels loved, cherished and accepted! 
Okaaay!!!! that was fun.

Now for some nominations! These fellow bloggers run wonderful blogs covering all my interests that includes writing, reading, fashion, entertainment, food, and taking life one blog post at a time! Please do check em out!

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Now heres some questions for you guys!! ^_^

1. How did you come up with your blog name and how hard was it to figure it out?
2. What inspires you to keep going?
3. Whats the craziest activity you have done in the past three years?
4. Country or city life, and why?
5. Reading or listening to music, and why? (#koreanunicorns?)
6. One thing you believed as a kid, but now think it is totally dumb of you to think of.
7. Whats the best part about blogging?
8. Would you chose swimming in a sea with the possiblity of a shark encounter or bungee jumping?
9. Favourite novel of all time? (Go Austen!!)
10. What has been a post in your blog that took the longest to write?
11. Advice to first time bloggers?

Well thats it guys! I hope to spread the happiness the nominations bring, thank you Leibster Award presenters!! ❤

Toodles! ❤ :*