❤ ❤ Hey there world!! ❤ ❤


Your very own Cinderzena here. Also, self professed book worm, Pride and Prejudice obsessed, time traveler from the 1800’s, lover of all things pink, student in English,  aspiring author(?!?), watcher of boring documentaries, and an occasional shopaholic, frequently found either reading, messing about in the kitchen or binging on Youtube videos, on a journey towards being the bestest, nicest human being I can be!

Here in my humble cyber abode (insert gif of Mr.Collins’ nod of approval), I talk about books, past present and future. I post any thing from meandering rambles, turbulent rants to gushing reviews peppered with a few fun tags and memes. So what say you?? Have a look around, we just might strike a cord!! One of the many comforts of this ever expanding yet enclosed space called the internet is that you never know when you’d find someone dealing with the same obstacles as you are, and then the world begins looking like a place a lot less daunting!! 😉 If something I wrote helped you, please do share! I’m totally willing to talk! 🙂 ❤


You can contact me through:-

my email : cinderzenablogs@gmail.com,  my Twitter OR my Goodreads


Stay optimistic and keep smiling 🙂



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      1. I did join, part of joining is that you have to post it and get the chain going… if you decide to join, i will send you the details through twitter plus the details of your stranger….

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