I’m BACK! ^_^

I’m BACK! ^_^ (but if you haven’t noticed, Hi! how are you doing?)


Long time no see! I have missed reading, reviewing and blog hopping but mostly I’ve missed talking to you guys!

First things first.

Let me borrow my mom’s cobweb duster/broom to air this place out a bit. XD


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve been off the blogging grid for… wait for it…. nearly… four. months. YES! FOUR! You can go ahead and unfollow/ unsubscribe from me now. T_T

Every day that passed by was a stab at my blogger heart, but in all seriousness I really needed the time out to concentrate with finishing off Uni and the darn exams *insert image of a flailing Zena among her towers of books to be read and more towering towers of anxiety*!!



I guess I haven’t quite mastered the art of working on creativity amidst times of stress because even when it came to posts other than just reviews I was just frozen. Perhaps it was because I lived in a perpetual state of stress. EUAAH!! Also I really didn’t have the time to read books that I wanted as I had a ton of school reading and secondary reading to get through (I left them all for the last minute you guys, in true Zena fashion!! Take note.  Don’t do that. )

Now that I’m done done done with that phase of my life, I cannot wait to get back on the reviewing lane again.  Also I’d like it very much if you guys can tell me how you deal with creative blocks and brainstorming ??


Be back soon…



4 thoughts on “I’m BACK! ^_^

  1. Welcome back! ❤ 😀 I hope that your exams went well and that now you're at least somewhat free of stress! As for creative blocks, I have no idea. For me usually stepping back and taking a break does wonders. Other than that I have no idea how to conquer it, I definitely need tips in that department as well. XD

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  2. Hey there, welcome back! I’m trying to read anot easy book, that can make me smile more than usual. It may not be the best book ever, but it will serve itso purpose 😉 looking forward to your reviews 🙂

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