T5W: Authors I want to read more from!


Halloo lovely readers!

Its that time of the week. Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes and this weeks topic is Authors I’m Currently Waiting On A New Book From. WhoopWhoop! Yes, we all have a handful of authors you just cannot get enough of. Here’s my five picks. I’m sure that we all have more than five, this task was excruciating lol!


Khaled Hosseini

I’d buy anything he writes with my eyes closed! I know he wont disappoint.Does anyone know of any literature in the works by him?? Pls do let me know!

I have read And the Mountains Echoed, and LOVED it. My review here will explain all. Im currently reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, and am bawling with every turn of the page. Please do chck this space in a week for its review! 🙂



Ok, I have heard a lot of negative output from the Cursed Child, and I am willing to think she was not fully in her element when she wrote (did she?) it! Her adult novels were a trying read themselves and I’d like to see where else she can take us.


Nadia Hashimi

I adore her! Her writing style, and the elements she works with are beautifully balanced. Her The Pearl  That Broke Its Shell is a wonderful piece of woman empowerment embodied. She has her debut young adult novel coming this August, so look forward to it guys. I hope she is working on more novels soon.


Cassandra Clare

Again, I adore her writing. I love her combination of magical elements and the real world. I honestly love the TMI series as well as its sister series The Infernal Devices, and so believe they are the next best series to HP, a world I’d wholeheartedly immerse myself in.


Ayisha Malik

Her debut novel Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged published in January 2016, was an instant success. I cannot wait to see what more she can do with her honest yet captivating use of words. She has said that sequels to the book are in the works!! Yippie!!

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What Authors would you like to read more from?? Is there anyone in particular? Any one who you’d bring back from the past to spin on last work? I know it’ll be Austen for me! Hands down!





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  1. You had some amazing freaking authors on that list. I’m dying to read anything by Khaled Hosseini especially that he is an arab. I have to support the fellow arabs, but I honestly have no time *stares at my huge TBR pile*

    PS, I found you on my twitter so I decided to give you some love and follow your blog 🙂
    Jumana @ Books by Jay

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    1. Followed you back I believe! ^_^ Hosseini, always! Please do pick up any book of his soon! And even nadia Hashimi is wonderful. Read her Pearl that Broke Its Shell! Oh man Even Ayisha Malik is good. *ends up saying everyone on the list is good >_<*

      I understand the want to support #OwnVoices, I'm in the process of doing so too. Have u heard of #DIverseBookBloggers n twitter? You'll meet so many more Arab/ muslim bloggers, as well as a gazillion book recs, (TBRS brace yourself.) I'm so stressed wondering how I will read them all in my life time XD I believe I found a niche in reading what matters to me, and what is not being recognized enough.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. Wow! It would be so hard for me to narrow down to just 5 authors! I am really interested in Ayisha Malik and have heard a lot of good reviews and recs. I absolutely agree with Khaled Hosseini – he never misses the mark for me.

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    1. Agreed! You should read Sofia Khan by Ayisha Malik, I believe the reason for its widespread acceptance is due to its very real portrayal of a young muslim hijabi in todays world. Hosseini, always.


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