My first Goodreads giveaway book! et etc…

Cue the fireworks, bling bling disco lights and BTS’s FIRE blaring in the background! Some one call the FIRETRUCK!! There is an emergency dance party going down!!!!

Whoop whoop whoop!



I received my first Goodreads package yday! ^_^ I feel blessed!

20160715_100235.jpgGotto say I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Much thanks to Jody Medland over at Goodreads and to Rozana McGrattan for her promising book. SO, please do look forward for the review some time in the coming week! I do not want to give away so much about it, though I’m so excited for a number of reasons!!! >_<


On other news, I’ve had a bad case of laptop issues once again. *SIGH* this is getting old innit??

If you’ve noticed I’ve not been blogging much for the past month really. Two major reasons why :

  1. Its been the month of Ramadhan for us Muslims, when we fast from dawn till dusk for a whole month. It was understandably a tiring month, and tons of extra prayers and bits and bobs to be done. Then we had Eid, the festival to mark the end of the fast which was all gaiety and ……! >_<  Lots of sweets and sugar syrup lol!
  2. I have issues with having my own space / my own damn device in the very least. Blogging from the PC or attempting to blog from the PC, has been a draining experience for me *UGH* so I opted to not do so altogether. (do I hear a sigh from the blogging community. I feel ashamed :/ – dont emancipate me please!! )

I surprisingly do not regret it as much. Its been a off month even in Uni, and Ramadhan comes only once a year, so why not make the best of this spiritual month eh??

On better news, I might be getting a new lappy this week, ( :O ) so if God wills, you guys can look forward to two book reviews within the week, both of which I’m extremely excited to let you guys know more of!!


Hope every one of you has been having better times >_<

Happy blogging!!


ps, show my biases some love  L_L (press on links)




13 thoughts on “My first Goodreads giveaway book! et etc…

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  1. Congrats on the win!
    It’s been over a year since I last won a Goodreads giveaway. I won the first few ones easily, it seemed, idk I just got really lucky! But eventually I stopped winning altogether. I hear that if you win a book but don’t ever review it, your chances of winning another one lower by a little bit. Not sure if it’s true, but I’ve heard it a few times and it doesn’t sound fair at all! lol

    Hope you get a laptop soon and can return to a more frequent blogging schedule. 🙂
    Glad to have you back for now ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Imma ganna be reviewing this book like my life depends on it then! >_< I hope I get back in the game too 🙂 I thought I was lucky too, I signed up for an embarrassing number of giveaways lol. Will see how it goes in the futute!

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  2. You won a Goodreads giveaway! Congratulations!! Over the past several months I’ve probably entered 30 book giveaways, most on Goodreads, and haven’t even had a hint of a win. But now you’ve restored my faith. People do actually win Goodreads giveaways. Yay!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha lol! Can I be a bit bash and brag about an author contacting me in order to send me her book? >_< I feel giddy with delight 😛 Don't lose hope! Keep entering them giveaways! And I sure am going to as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. just stumbled on your blog and the first post i see makes me scream. BTS FIREEEE~ bowowow :)) and FIRETRUCK ahhh i love it when i understand references XD this is so great omg idk why i’m hyperventilating so much?????///? lol xD i’m sane, i promise.
    congrats on winning the giveaway btw 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yay!! And I’M so beyond happy to have at least one person in this world read that post and understand the references!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firetruck and Fire be my tunes these past few weeks!! Put your hands up if you are feelin the vibes now!! Thanks so much for dropping by and so glad to make your acquaintance!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. so sorry about the inconvenience haha but I realized that you followed my blog (ty it means a lot to me) but it seems that you followed one I don’t use anymore because I was really busy at the time.. but i have a new one now bc i wanted to start fresh this summer and start blogging again so it would probably be best to contact me through this one if you’d want to. so sorry it’s so complicated and hope to talk to you more!!

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  4. Keep on posting these kinds of things! You’d inspire a lot of readers! Who wouldnt wanna have a freebie right!

    You write well-written reviews, you deserve to even be a regular receiver of these books!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe you’re so sweet! but I’m taking my dang old time reading the book. Yes, who wouldn’t want free things?? Its like all we live for XD Jk, when it comes to books, no reservation on the guilt 😛 some of them copies be hard to get by.

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