Top 5 Wednesday | I need a sequel!

Hallo everyone,

Where do the weeks go? Once one T5W is done, its already time for another of them. Or I’ve been really busy I didn’t notice two T5W’s go past. Sowwy!

So today’s topic is on stand alones or books in series which I would love to see a sequel to 🙂 Its no rare matter that we reader folks grow a partiality to some books over others due to some aspect within the books (the reasons are unique and diverse) Here are my 5 picks for books I would love to see a sequel to 🙂


And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Husseini


I want to know how Pari bint Abdullah now feels with her new found extended family. Does she feel connected or more separated than ever due to the differences in culture?

If you wanna know where my thoughts lead from, you can check my review of And the Mountains Echoed 🙂



Wonder by R.J.Palacio



Does Auggie fit in as he grows? Does he learn to accept his fate of being sidelined on first sight? Does this change his out look of life?


Pride and Prejudice




I know there are tons of spinoffs and sequels to this book, but there’s nothing like having the original author tell us like it was, to answer our many questions, and put our hearts and minds to rest 🙂

Does the love continue for Dizzie? What will become of Lydia and Wickham? Does Mr Bennet die? Who does Georgiana marry? I need to know these things!

I attempted a lil something with the story myself >_<



Harry Potter (and now we have it 🙂 )


Does the need for more Harry Potter related input need any explanation?

Thought so!!!


Moving on….



Cinderella ?

with the realest picture I could find

My love for this story comes from the lessons we girls can take. There’s nothing wrong with being nice, showing kindness and the underrated courage a majority of women have to face day in-day out across the world. If anything its something we are lacking right now.

Fairy tales are real lives after all. Things must go wrong, arguments must be had behind closed doors. I would very much like to know how my pseudo-namesake deals with her new life, her family and her new responsibility as queen.



Which books would you like to see sequels of? Please do share. As for me, I cannot wait to get reading on HP & the Cursed Child!


Until the next T5,




4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | I need a sequel!

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  1. I tried to listen to the Wonder audiobook, but I found the author so irritating I finally just gave up. Something about his tone of voice was really patronizing and annoying. I know so many people love the book that I feel as if I might be missing out, but I can’t bring myself to try reading it again.

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    1. Hmm. Firstly, I don’t believe in audio books. I know so many people do use them, but there really isn’t a similar experience to be had because you are reading in a voice thats not your own. It has its pros and cons I guess. Auggie suffers from something society often tends to push aside. His disfigurement is met and people around him deal with it accordingly. Maybe thats why so many people tend to like the book. Take this book in comparison to Perks of being a Wallflower. I liked wonder by miles ahead. Perks sounds patronising. Charlie was often trodden on, and sometimes I felt taken advantage of. It felt so wrong too. With Wonder I didn’t feel that. Maybe you should give it a try in a few months, or maybe start reading from some random place.


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