Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I dislike with a passion! SOS~ pls dont unfollow!

Hallo everyone. I want to thank Lainey @ gingerreadsLainey for this much needed topic XD   Diving right in: 1.  The star-crossed?! Twilight trio consisting of Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black. Pls dont ask me for reasons with all due respect. I love the fantasy side of this series, just not these three.... Continue Reading →

My first Goodreads giveaway book! et etc…

Cue the fireworks, bling bling disco lights and BTS's FIRE blaring in the background! Some one call the FIRETRUCK!! There is an emergency dance party going down!!!! Whoop whoop whoop! YES!!! YES!! I received my first Goodreads package yday! ^_^ I feel blessed! Gotto say I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Much thanks to Jody Medland... Continue Reading →

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