22 things I’ve learnt in life at 22!

Hi everyone!

Its that time of year when I go into hiding because I am weird like that. I’m secretly happy dancing because I don’t have exams on my birthday, FINALLY after 6 years!! I’mma gonna bake my cake and eat it too!

So Calories, pleaasse try to take a vacation and Metabolism, you are working full time this week!!

(MOM! where’s the whipped cream???)

SO, drumroll for some wise wise words from this aging owl you all know as Cinderzena. JK.

Who’s aging? HUH? You? Yes you who is reading this! I’m not old, who’s old??


Haha, yes I’m a bit high, if your eyebrows are raised in alarm! ^_^ It feels great to be finally able to understand Taylor Swifts song, 22! XD and dance to it without a care. With no further ado:

” I don’t know about you
But I’m feeling 22!! “


Once you’ve lived for a couple of decades, finished up school, finished (or nearly finished) University or College which ever you call it, there will come a time in your life, of utter chaos!

Just like a gazillion voices in your head, some speaking, some shouting: non stop!
Its that moment when you see and feel the rush of adult responsibilities coming at you, no brakes on, this ride is outta control.

At the same time you feel the freedom of the teenage years (in comparison), all that rebellion and crazy experimenting, you feel it all being sucked out of you.

Its dizzying, and puts you out of balance. Temporarily disorientated.

Do you go left, right or north? Do you go at all or just stay put?

I guess its different for everyone. Let me know your story, but I must say, for me its a very very confusing phase of my life, and the past year has by far been the most difficult to get through! But do you now the most magical thing about it?? I MADE IT!! Day by day, but yaaas! this girl made it through some crazy stuff and so will everyone else! I believe in ya!



Here’s some things I’ve learnt so far, and life has been not been the most kindest of teachers, so I hope you are paying attention! Seat belts on, its a 22 year long ride!



Happiness is a choice. Choose it.


Good health is a blessing. Don’t waste it.


Be kind to others. Be human, a nice one. Be considerate to their feelings. Most importantly be kind to yourself. Not everything is your fault.


Be grateful. There’s no such thing as too much thankfulness. You are blessed to be alive, to have people who love you and to see this beautiful planet we call home.


Smile, and often. There is no greater charity you could do to your brother than to smile. You may not know who is in need of a friendly face.


Be optimistic. There is good in every situation even if every situation isn’t always good.


Travel, whenever the opportunities present itself. If you feel like it doesnt, then make it happen.


Make life an adventure.


Don’t settle for anything or anyone lower than what you know you deserve. Have high standards when it comes to your personal space, but be smart enough to know when to lower them.


Look for kindness, understanding and acceptance in the person you share your life with. Ask yourself if they make you happy, if they make you a better person and if they motivate and inspire you to be the best of yourself.


It’s okay to bake your cake and eat it all.


Your size doesn’t define your brain power, just as your skin colour doesn’t define your personality.


Size, colour, religion and nationality doesnt matter. The humaness of the heart does.


Don’t be afraid to persevere to become who you want to be.


Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, and know is right.


You are more capable than you think, if you are willing to work hard and believe in yourself.


Passion is important. Find something to devote your energy to. Preferably something that serves the community. Its always good to give back to those who bought you up.


Fear kills dreams more than failure ever will. Don’t be afraid. Life is full of obstacles, so put your trust in God, caz everything happens for a reason.


Its ok to fall. As long as you get back up. No one should shame you for it, and dont let them do so, because you will find strength and inspiration to get back stronger than ever.


Its not ok to compare, lives, bodies, personalities or material possessions. Every one of us blooms at our own pace. The flower in the garden doesn’t compare its progress with other flowers, it simply blossoms. You are perfectly perfect as you.


Accept flaws you cannot change. When things seem low, remember its not just you, everyone has them too.


Family is EVERYTHING! No one will love you as more as your parents do. Your siblings are built in BFF’s for life. The extended fam are your life time prepaid entertainment company.



Thanks for making it to the end!

Have a nice day ^_^





22 thoughts on “22 things I’ve learnt in life at 22!

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  1. When is your birthday? Today? So I can wish you personally 😀 Happy birthday! Here’s to a good one, also, something to remember for your 23rd: Saving is important, but money is better spent buying books 🙂 No, seriously xx

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  2. Wow, your now 22 and you put forth 22 things you have learnt in life, i really like the presentation to this post. I am currently twenty three.. one of the things i have learnt from many is that and i don’t know if you will agree with me but the most difficult years in life run between your late teen years and up to when your twenty four latest.
    Happy twenty third year dear, here’s a lesson i hope you will include no.23, You are never alone, not alone no matter the circumstance. As my fav football team logo says,”You’ll never walk alone”’ 🙂 – Cezane

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    1. All I can say is I’m a Liverpool fan too!! Thanks so much!! You are so sweet!!

      For me my late teens were spent obsessing over my studies. I wasn’t much of social person , it didn’t ever bother me. I had built my walls up really high and I genuinely didn’t care about others. My life was just books, family and my closest friends. It was after I started Uni that I really felt everything come crashing on me. Like always I believe in optimism and it has seen me through so far. But I do agree that latter teen years are extremely difficult. Its the battle of the fittest.

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      1. The thinking you held within, is so much similar to what is in my mind too. Battle of the fittest, you mentioned the exact words I’ve always hold on to the past years, then i realized, adaptation is key too. If the world is asking you to be of a specific nature in order to succeed, provided the intent is clear cut on the positive. And you know what, i woke up this morning all smiles, we are in the finals! Congratulations! I can’t wait for May 18th, i really hope we win it! YNWA dearest Bud! – Cezane

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  3. happy birthday!!!! I really love all those 22 points , really something to learn in life . have a blast today !!! cause your worth it 🙂

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  4. This is beautiful Cinderzena, I got so excited reading it! It’s purely amazing that you’ve had these realisations at your age, I wish I knew this when I was 22 😉 Wishing you all the loveliness and beauty on your path through life, you’re a light in the dark 🙂

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  5. Happy birthday, Cinderzena! You’re so young but so wise!

    I have learned to be okay with eating my own cake. hehe. That’s great advise! Sometimes we should allow ourselves that luxury 🙂
    I have also learned to accept the flaws I can’t change. That’s why I am a happy person. haha

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    1. Good for you! but not so wise Naz! And thanksies!
      Life is short, and why waste it over petty things just for the namesake of others. Its our lives and there’s so much to do and see out there, that isn’t controlled by the little things about us that don’t conform.

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