3 Days, 3 Quotes – #3 Youtuber Edition | DAY 3

Good day everyone 🙂

Its the last day of this tag! Oh no! I was having too much fun scrolling through for quotes from the creators of our favourite past time 😛 Youtubers!

One day 1 I selected from my top 3 favs, and day 2 was dedicated to a few leading ladies in the business.

Today I picked out a few of the guys who are keen on spreading important messages to their audience!


The Rules are: 

◆ Thank the person who nominated you.
◆ Post 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days.
◆ Nominate 3 bloggers each day.
◆ Inform your nominees.


Troye Sivan




Adam Saleh




Finn and Jack Harries AKA JacksGap


I promise to do a more elaborate post on these guys soon, I hope you check them out. ^_^



❤ I tag these lovely ladies ❤

Vinita  |  Nida  |  Teenella






3 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes – #3 Youtuber Edition | DAY 3

    • Of course it is! Not many people are nice enough these days… Bloggers in general I find, or the ones I’ve mt so far, are nice, but you are one of the nicest ones I know 🙂 Its such an underrated trait, everyone wants to be cool and macho and the bwass and all, try being nice first I say.


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