I might be from another century.. :O

I have a hunch, I mean I’ve had this for quite some time actually. And now I want to share it with you guys…
Of all the reading I’ve done since ages of yore, okay okay, since I started reading, I’ve realized that I love novels based in the Regency / Victorian times, so much so that I spend days after such reads re-enacting their practices and way of talk. Baa, so babyish I know but I cannot get over it. I thought it would be a teenage thing but now that I’m well into my twenties (I’m not that old okaay!) I’m guessing it going to be a life long obsession, yes? Not just novels, now it goes on to TV shows and movies too, and me being a documentary buff will sit through hours of anything related to this era with devotion and a cuppa tea.


Yes that’s me right there, the girl with the messy top bun, wearing the home sewn ball gown, sipping tea off a pink rimmed tea cup, a novel in one hand, watching BBC’s documentary on Victorian England ^_^

England was at the time going through a discovery phase. New resources were being found, and put to good use. The discoveries created changes in all aspects of life, in discovering new lands, new races, new natural resources, new technologies new machinery and most importantly a new way of life. Literary advances too were seen amidst all this activity and here we are reading about it all, smack in the middle of regency England running around town searching for the perfect laces for Miss Woodehouse’s gowns. Fancy another cuppa tea anyone?




So here is 5 reasons why I might be from another century —->

1 . I love the dresses! Yes I am going to give way to my ‘follies and vanity’ and say Ofcourse I’d go back in time for the fashion! How can you not. The ribbons and frills and corsets and bonnets and parasols…. Fashion will always be pain so I am willing to overlook some glitches here and there πŸ™‚


Me: Mom I need a new wardrobe for next season
Mom: Whatever are you talking about, we have only summer in this country, and your clothes are in perfectly good condition
Me: How about just three gowns then?
Mom: No Zena
Me: Two?
Mom: Nope dear, you have enough.
Me: One? Please.
Mom: We’ll get on to it when the situation arises.
Me: I need new ribbons for that new plaid dress I stitched last week.
Mom: All your previous ‘ribbons’ are sitting in a box at the bottom of your cupboard. You’ll be choosing from them young lady…
Me: How do you know thaaat?


2 . I might be in love with few guys from that era.

*cough* Fitz Darcy *cough* Something Tilney *cough* Roger Hamley *cough*George Knightely *cough* Arthur Huntingdon*cough* Sidney Carton *cough* John Thornton *cough*…..
FEW YOU SAID!!!Β One good reason why they kicked you out of that century then!
Please read between the coughs XD I know many of you readers won’t disagree, who doesn’t have fictional crushes. The best part is they live in different books and have no possibly way of meeting unless one goes on to write mash up. Hmm a good idea. The pros of this point cannot be outweighed by one of its few cons…. High expectations from guys in reality. Sorry guys.. Put on a hat and coats and take me out to tea, I’ll think about it then.


b1699edd9921f537d8f38f8da8a494ceΒ 6ae8acea3b6ff33a8287ed7dad18d5d8
Intelligent yet disarmingly good looking *wink wink*, considerate, kind, humble and caring. Witty and acknowledging of female accomplishments..aah too perfect! I know this is an understatement when I fully well know there will be guys like this in all generations, **whispers* …. I think its the cravats that do the trick!!*


3. The Culture and Society

All things said, I am fully aware that life in the 18th / 19th century was not all leisurely and laid back for everyone. There was the poverty and dire situations that needed looking to, but isn’t that how it has always been and still is now. Regardless, I love that people visited relatives for weeks on end, parties given out in their honour, balls meant for dancing drama and sweet meetings. There were formalities, and levels of privacy to be respected. *sigh*



4 . Treatment of women.

As always there was the good and the not so good, but overall I felt the notion of women’s well being was considered something very important. Chivalry and mannerisms towards them was given importance, something that’s quite hard to find now. A con in fighting for women’s rights sometimes comes out as women being able to fend for themselves in all situations. On the contrary, well sometimes we like to be held a door even now. Yes we are messed up creatures. lol.

5 . The Ideology of Femininity

In keeping with the secondary reading necessary for one of my courses in Uni this year, I’ve been reading on Fordyce’s Sermons for Young Women, yes the very one Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice decides to read to his cousins. I’ve been taken aback at the number of things I see present in my own life making me rethink my existence. All the then expected traits of reservedness, modesty, and accomplishments only within the domestic sphere’ are all I find so embedded in my upbringing that its scary…I know this suggests a lot about my background and how I lead my life but its not all to bad, because for one, I don’t mind as long as females are not put down for their mental capabilities and there is freedom of thought and expression and secondly, I’m from another century remember.Needless to say sometimes I do feel like thee tomboyish Jo March, preferring to read or write something over chores mom assigns me. Moments later, Meg March conscience takes over. *sigh*

You see, if I manage to accomplish my dream of getting into writing professionally I’d be the first in my family to do so, and an accomplishment for all its women. For me like then, its a time of widespread availability of ways to spread your writing and an ever growing audience to match. There’s so many girls I know who need a voice, yes, female empowerment is the basis of my efforts.


Am I from another century? Quite probable.
Am I a time traveler? If the above is a Oui, then I’d like to think yes !

Its shocking and yet in a way reassuring that maybe like the women writers of the time, I too could break free of this tradition I’m stuck in.

So this is further evidence that I am living in the wrong century!!

Why would I want to travel to the future? Duh, becaz the grass is always greener on the other side silly!

Any of you readers relate much? Please lemme know y’all πŸ™‚





I should let you know just because I must vent all this backstabbing disappointment!!! This blog post was re written!! Baaa, it doesn’t contain its original charm as my forever glitchy laptop decided to shut down and my word processor who was in on the secret apparently decided to NOT save a full length post I had typed at 24 miles an hour !! It was so beautifully put together and then black screen. This was my attempt at salvaging what I could remember, its a in-the-shower scenario once again!!! And I swear I had 51 % charge on ! 😦



17 thoughts on “I might be from another century.. :O

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, I love the regency era, too. Your post made me realize that I do not read enough books set in this era! P.S. I love that you re-enact the speech and practices of the characters you read about set in this time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!! Yes,embarrassingly I do try to speak like them and it drives my sister crazy, my brother acts along XD There’s so many classics to chose from, I love Austen and Gaskell, they have the best ‘men’ characters to chose from ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, no! I’m sorry you lost the original post. I would have been so mad and disappointed. But thanks for rewriting it.

    I totally understand why you love the Era so much. I had an obsession with it as well when I was a teenagee lol.
    Thanks for this post. You are so funny and make me smile or laugh with every post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe Naz that’s so sweet of you. I’m so glad that people do like what I write!! Thanks so much!
      As for the lost original – I know! I was so mad too, mostly I was scared out that my lappy was acting up (drama queen *rolls eyes*) once I revived it, it was full on I hate you’s XD I loved the post so much, I re wrote it much quicker and this era cannot make me mad for long.


      1. I totally understand why you love that era so much πŸ™‚ I like the dresses and the whole chivalry kinda thing too. I’d of been so angry!!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. “Put on a hat and coats and take me out to tea, I’ll think about it then.”

    Don’t know why but I like this line. I also think that I’ve born in the wrong century.

    Nice blog btw πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your future posts πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t know why but that’s the line that popped into my head at that moment. I’m thinking I should’ve raised the bar higher than just a fancy dress and tea πŸ˜› Also thank you for dropping by. πŸ™‚

      Wrong century? So have you decided if you from the future or the past?

      Liked by 1 person

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