**Reblogged** How to Let Go & Trust —


I simply loved this post, its so beautifully put and I had to share it with you guys.

Life is one great adventure. There will be the ups and the downs, the rainbows and the thunderstorms, but that’s okay if you remind yourself that if you learn something from the experience, the process will only make you more human, more feeling and sensitive to the emotions of others… So just stop worrying and let go, put your trust in God and live. Just live one mini adventure at a time, and keep telling yourself you are loved… if not by those you want to be, at least by God who knows best for you…

Live, Love and Laugh often 🙂

You’re living in a world you’ve created, did you know that? Take the time to think about this. Everything in your life, you’ve welcomed in, in one facet or another. If you believe you didn’t think about: did you choose your partner, your job, the car you drive, the place where you live, the money […]

via How to Let Go & Trust —



Thanks a lot Amanda for the lovely post.



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