Wednesday Top 5 |Favourite Maternal figures in Literature

Hallo everyone!! Its Wednesday and yes you know it!! Wednesday  Top 5 time ^_^ (sorry ,that was so corny lol... ) So..... this was a meme created by Lainey @ gingerreadslainey and is now hosted by Sam @ Thought on Tomes. Lemme get right to the list.      Molly Weasley Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling... Continue Reading →

But thats my spot!

Wednesday, thou art woeful!! I don't have the time or the mental capacity to rack my brains to make myself attempt the Wednesday Top 5, and that is really disappointing!! Instead I'm going to rant, a short one so hang in there, on something that's really annoying me at the moment.   My question to... Continue Reading →

**Reblogged**How To Cope With Anxiety Without Medication


Anxiety and depression, silent but very disastrous, one might not often know what you are experiencing but anxiety will have you in its clutches before you know it.

In the end its all about accepting that you cannot control everything around you and you need to let go and accept things as it is sometimes. The journey to realize this is a personal one. Others can only be there for you (most aren’t though – the sad reality) and you have to find out on your own that its okay firstly, to be like this and secondly, that you cannot help everyone or everything, without first helping yourself.

Vlad thanks for this post that hit me right on, I really needed this read.
Annd I wanted to share it with my readers.



Vlad Vaida

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Wednesday Top 5- Rainy Day Reads

Hallo everyone! Long time no post. In case you didn't noticed, I haven't posted for a few days, maybe even a week. I'm such a bad blogger :/ Sowwy to myself and to you... I promised to be consisted, through sickness and in health, through computer troubles and digital bliss, flood worthy storms or critically... Continue Reading →

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