✨ The Infinity Dream Award ✨

Hallo lovely people! 


How are you all doing this lovely Sunday? 🙂 Its a quiet day here in Colombo, and the heat maybe a few degrees lesser today. So, cool times! *eyes the 2 litre bottle of water next to my monitor* The heat isn’t over yet.😩  Many people I know have fainted away 🆘


For the next few days, I thought I’d get on with doing some tags and acknowledging some awards that have come my way in the past couple of weeks! To everyone who nominated me, a big thank you and I’m sorry its taken a while to get on them! ^_^


Dum dum dum!! Awards time! Today I attempt The Infinity Dream Award!

I was nominated by the lovely Jackie @ Fall In Love With the Sound Of Words Thanks so much ^_^!




The Rules

#1 Thank the blogger who nominated you.

#2 State 11 facts about yourself

#3 Answer the questions that you were set

#4 Nominate 11 bloggers

#5 Set 11 questions for them


Facts about me!

May I skip this….? Its so exhausting listing things about one’s self and I might just faint in this heat. 😛


My questions answered!


1 . What is your favorite food?

(I’m not going to say Rotti)
Rotti accompanied by anything from spicy curries to ketchup to nutella. I’m not kidding!


I hope you get exactly what I mean! I’m officially hypnotized watching the above!! 😛


2. Who are your auto read/buy authors?

I think JK Rowling cannot go wrong any day. Any of P.G.Wodehouse’s books cannot go wrong either.


3. Do you prefer printed books or Ebooks?

I had to think a bit about this one. A few years back I would have been a full on printed books advocate, but now I don’t mind either.



4. You can choose one book to take with you to a deserted island to read over and over. What book is it?

A book on survival or on berries if I’m being sensible but I take it that is not what is meant haha!




5. If you could be any character from a book or movie, who would it be?

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter no doubt. Feminine, brainy, badass, and kind.



6. If you could live in any world what would it be. Could be real or fictional.

I would go back to Victorian England! Bring me the dancing and the tea parties and the letter writing and the piano playing flirty evenings haha. That’s more real than fiction though right?


now I have a headache with all this circling 😛



7. If you could change an ending of a book, which one would it be? Why?

I have been asked this question a few eeks back, and I was at the time still raw from the emotional ending of “Me Before You” by Jo Jo Moyes. Currently I am not in a mood to be thinking up alternate endings for books, the ones I’ve been reading have been too heavy on subject matter and seem to have appropriate endings. (?!?)


8. Coffee or Tea?

This is rather a controvertial question for me. They both fix my caffiene cravings, and it totally depends on my mood and weather. But Sri Lanka is a land of tea, so heck yea! TEA!



9. Where is your favorite place to read?

My bed! Always!


10. What is your favorite animal?

Horses and rabbits


11. Choose one book you wish you were the one to have written!

Oooh! Pride and Prejudice. Haha I know its far fetched! Austen is my writing idol, she took so little and showed it as it is in such a witty, understandable universal language and that is admirable.



My Questions to you!


1 . What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year? 

2. Which fictional character inspires you the most?

3. Describe a perfect rainy afternoon.

4. Which can you live without? Instagram or Goodreads?

5. What’s your dream job?

6.  Favourite genre to read?

7. What is your perfect pizza?

8. Would you rather have lunch with Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling? What would you order? (lol Big Macs with Austen)

9.  What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?

10. Put the word ‘INFINITY/ INFINITE’ in a sentence.

11. In your opinion what constitutes a good book?



My nominees! 

I hereby nominate the following lovely bloggers. Please do check out their sites! 🙂

Claire |  Michelle | Bina  | My Random Blog | Lizzie  | Lilly  | Lila Ember | Raquel 





That’s it for now peeps. Wowy it took so loong! I hope you liked reading through.

Tc until my next tag,





13 thoughts on “✨ The Infinity Dream Award ✨

  1. Congrats!! 🙂 Also thanks so much for nominating me! 🙂
    Hope the heat lets up soon and you won’t melt 🙂 Love the roti pics I am drooling already, maybe my dad’ll make some for weekly family dinner!

    Liked by 1 person

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