The hermit days are being enforced upon me!! HELP!

Yes its true!!

I will not be able to get access to the internet for numerous reasons

1 .My laptop seems to be giving some trouble (AGAIN??!) and I’m positive now that my laptop issues have been jinxed upon me?? Should I go on a quest to find out who cursed me at birth to be set up with laptop problems?? Grr! There’s nothing so frustrating as to depend upon someone or something, and its ironic as this particular thing holds a good proportion of the most important things of your life! Waa!!


2 . Not enough trouble? I’m going to add more says Destiny. Here’s a dash of no electricity! The country has been suffering from power cuts for the past week/s. You see, Sri Lanka depends so much on water, as we produce a good proportion of our energy from hydro electricity but it has been a very dry spell of late. No rain at all, and if you’ve been reading my posts I’ve gone on to complain here and there of a possible occurrence of heat waves and a good percentage of the populace falling on our feet dead.! Yes. Ze truth! The govt. has now decided that each area in the country will have a scheduled power cut every day, I am confused about the timings so I cannot tell how long this will last. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

How it affects me? Well I need to use the PC due to my laptop being dead to the world, and I find PC’s run of electricity apparently. Lol, so yea, odd times to be sat at a desk typing. I usually am … everywhere.


3.ย  I need to ‘study’ study! Exams are just over a month away but answer sheets will not fill themselves nor will my brain.



What to expect of this rocky time away.

1. I expect to have done a considerable amount of productive study. I decided to take the above reasons with anย  optimistic take and use the internet constraints to plough through on some much needed study time.

For me Study times = 50% reading something on the internet, 15% thinking about things I have to do once this study period is over, 10% finding something to eat, 5% texting someone, 20% actual studying which is also mostly filled with frequently getting lost overthinking certain topics. I’m the sort of person who has a tendency to fangirl over Thomas Hardy after all. Sigh! (btw yes I do that much of studying!) XD


2 . Not much time spent reading through my Reader page. I’m sorry guys, I will get back asap. I fee so bad, I have seen some really good reads already. I will be checkingย  in on the notifications, but am sorry if they take time to be replied to!


3. I’m going to miss so many new video uploads on Youtube!! Waa Joe Sugg I have not abandoned you! Just away from some study time! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i will also have to put off watching the last three new eps of Norn9!! Noo!! Natsuhiko do not do anything I wouldn’t while I’m away!


4. I might just go a tad bit loony >_<


Toodles for now guys!











12 thoughts on “The hermit days are being enforced upon me!! HELP!

Add yours

    1. Its great to know I’m not alone! Its the second time this year. I’m on the verge of giving up too. If only I didnt depend on it so much, I’d have sent it with the trash last night. I’m pretty sure its a jinxed thing.

      Thanks so much, Ill be needing all the luck I can get ^_^

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  1. We don’t have many power cuts here, but we do have terrible internet connection in our small village. Last year we lost it on one occasion for 5 days. It makes blogging very difficult at times. So I sympathise with your problems with power outages.
    Vey good luck with your exams. It’s an important and busy time of year coming up for all student.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 5 days. It must have been terrible. I’m glad you understand. The power cuts have been sorted out since I wrote the post, but no one is entirely sure of it as the heat continues.
      Busy indeed. I feel bad not being on WordPress often, especially not going through the Reader. Thanks again for reading. I’ll be needing all the luck I can get! ^_^


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