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**Reblogged** Do you feel pressured to buy new books?/Do you buy second hand books?

Brand new, or second hand?
Pretty cover, or ugly?
A story from a hundred years ago, or one released just last week?
A male author, or female?
Hyped or not?

Does it really matter?
Does it really matter that we ‘buy’ all the books we read?
Is it incumbent on us to buy brand new ones to be labeled a real ‘reader’? Or is it one of societies new fads, to own flashy new copies of those hyped novels everyone is ‘supposed’ to be reading or else you are deemed a tasteless reader?
Should we feel pressurized, and make reading a chore? Or should we read as our circumstances allow us and be content at what we take away from what we read?

Lizzie seems to voice my thoughts on this topic extremely well! Kudos to you Lizzie. Any one up for a round of applause for her?

Reading is a very personal journey, it ultimately shapes who we are, and I know you will agree with me on this. One shouldn’t be judged on the books one reads, or on how it is come about.
Reading in itself is a task that requires a form of commitment and a journey in itself. So as readers we must support each other, and respect each others opinions.

Though the prospect of owning something pretty or something everyone else does makes us giddy with joy, at the same time should we feel it as something that is expected of us?

Brand new, second hand or borrowed, Hard copy or E-books, it really doesn’t matter as long as the book is read and the content adds something to your way of thinking and character.

Thanks once again Lizzie 🙂 Please do check out her blog for more such reads, book reviews and everything in between!

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I decided to write this post after watching a couple of booktube videos and reading various comments. 

Do you feel pressured to buy new books?/Do you buy second hand books?

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