Meet my Frenemy…

Yes. You heard right.

This everyone, is Hermes.



Please don’t be creeped out lol!!

Yes, Hermes like the God, only because he can fly and get messages about. And he has a few powers too, yes like the God.


~Our story~

You see, a few days back I was reading on my sofa, lost in thought over Saleem Sinai’s problems and his vegetable of a nose (you heard me), and I feel a tiny irritation on my legs. I dont usually attract mosquitoes, (how lucky! you have no idea!) so this was strange. I sat myself up properly to find this little guy having a good drink on my calf! Should I slap the living day lights outta the guy? Or leave him be, drunk on my blood as it is, he was definitely too tipsy to fly off. He hadn’t even moved when I had!!

That is how I came to meet Hermes. haha! Not an everyday thing, but then you see we got talking. We exchanged names, mine was short while his was long. Mine was in letters while his was mostly a bunch of numbers, which I was surprised he could even remember. You see they are named like codes, or co-ordinates. Location: and a bunch of numbers which coordinated to the area they inhabit XD

I know. Its a bit too much to take it. Its a matrix like world. So I named him Hermes, and he was quite happy with it too ^_^ After a spot of small talk, I got down to business. This was my chance to get the human message across.







He got all defensive! It was their life. Blood was their food. Without it they’d die!

We argued over who was more necessary for the progress of the world, development of society. He felt small, he was duh! and I was starting to feel sorry for him.

It must be belittling to be called a pest, and have people snapping at them, cursing them all the time, setting traps at their doors and windows, mass killing them by toxic vapours.

We humans balked at the Nazi gas chambers, this is no different.

So I asked him if there was no possibility of a truce. He said their kind were close to completing new equipment which will enable them to screen their populace for diseases every day (this is not too much as their life spans are smaller). They are developing a form of gadget to fix onto their suckers to lessen the pain for their victims, and a noise cancelling device to go with it.

Incredible indeed!

Who knew!

This is news !

Soon we will be living among them without fear, without the need to keep them off our kids and ourselves. Mosquito spread diseases will decrease, and become extinct. Incredible indeed!


So we talked of possiblities of peace among humans and mosquitoes. Maybe we are a long way off but it sounds promising! Until then I did tell him I will try to be less cruel to his family, they are everywhere in the area apparently and he has a few mischievous second cousins in the black market, who carry the more rarer diseases, so he promised to keep them off my house and garden.


I let him go. He flew off, slowly, mostly becasue he was drunk, but also because we seem to have hit an understanding. I might never see him again. They dont live as long as we do. He promised to get my message across to his leaders. We’ll see. I cannot wait for the peace. Hurry up and use your technology for peace rather than war. We are in need of some safety and happy company.

Peace out



*That was random and outta the blue! Or red!*
*Saleem Sinai is from Midnight’s Children, I’m having a readers block. Hmmprgh! Ploughing through, I’ll get back to you guys on it in a few days! I want to give a few characters a piece of my mind!!! asdfghjkl!*


3 thoughts on “Meet my Frenemy…

  1. You are very lucky because in our family, I am the second most favorite mosquito bait. My dad repels mosquitoes from me because they find him more tasty. When dad’s not around, it’s me they settle… no one gets bitten unless I am around…

    This in fact is quite smart! What you did is like Treaty of Zena; signed and sealed by blood šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG my dad too!! then my brother, mom and sis are next. I am oblivious to their presence XD Apparently the chances that you will / will not get bitten is genetic. I read it off the newspaper sometime back.
      haha I love the wording of the treaty!! Delightful!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow! Really? I never took time to research about it. That explains it, I am my dad’s daughter! ā¤

        It's quite timely that I was scratching my leg when I saw your post. Then I began thinking, is there a mosquito inside my office… it's probably psychosomatic having seen your photo šŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

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