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March is here!

Is it spring already for some of you!? For the rest of us its forever summer XD also its terribly humid in Colombo these days averaging at 80 %. Geez!

March is also a reminder that I need to get cracking on exam prep and last minute reading on texts that are impossible to not read mostly due to its importance in the course and mostly because you have heard so much about it you want to get down and dirty to see whats all they talk and also because it sounds interesting ^_^ So its inevitable, more or less.


I’m currently reading Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie. I’ll post something on how I liked it, when I’m done. Both of them I find are rather heavy reads, 1. the language is not easy to get at 2. they are both starkly different cultures, and maybe it wasn’t a good idea to attempt both at once. One is set in St. Petersburg Russia while the other is across the Indian subcontinent. I was initially into Crime and Punishment, but then as I progressed through my essential reading for my course I knew I couldn’t not read Midnight’s Children, so  I bought that and started on that too.  C&P is very tolling on the mind too, so having breaks seems to help. More on that in a few days 🙂

I was doing a bit of background reading on Dostoevsky, and I stumbled upon a beautiful story regarding him and his stenographer, later his wife. I must let you know that I can be a bit of a feminism advocate on certain things, and seeing women taking initiative to succeed in a male dominated world while retaining their feminine side, is just inspirational.  Its is also interesting to read on how the book came into being.

More on the story in the following article. You wont be disappointed.


Its amazing what human connections can do. Especially a once in a life time kind.


Thats it from me for now 🙂


PS: Leo needs a pat on the back. Its been too long.



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  1. On Leo, after all the missed opportunities…. I have this odd belief that he shouldn’t have won (and that I would rather that he doesn’t win anymore) so Oscar’s would get eternally questioned about it and Leo being forever deemed as the trophyless greatness! Hehehe!!!

    Is it really forever summer there? Here in Riyadh, winter’s almost over.

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    1. yep! there’s the odd few week of torrential downpour but the rest of the time its hot!! The hill country is cooler and sometimes even snows @_@ thats a different story.
      Well Leo’s talked a whole lot about climate change, and definitely made his point that his win that night was as important as global warming. Trophyless Greatness. haha!! what a prestigious title!!


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