Stormy Days

  Rain drops roll down the window glass, rain drops patter on the window panes. Rain drops pound on the roof above, rain drops wash off the muddy pathways. The clouds rumble and growl, the rain is angry and wrath some. Its cold and mean out there and in reality no different to the predicament... Continue Reading →

R.I.P Harper Lee

I cannot quite digest this. She was 89. For those of you who might not have heard, she is the author of the highly acclaimed novel "To Kill a Mockingbird",  which is a story tracing the racial injustice in a small town in Alabama, America. It was her first novel but she became one of the first... Continue Reading →

Safety net

  “Claire!” he called in a low voice. I couldn't see him yet, but I could sense the joy in his being. I smiled.  I pushed aside the curtains with much effort. Why was I so nervous? Its just him.  There he lay, the cause of all my misery these few weeks, the joy and... Continue Reading →

3 Quote Challenge #2- Day 2

Hallo everyone! I was tagged (again!) for the 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge by my lovely friends at Not the Average Mama and The White Riddler. Please do check out their amazing blogs. You can find my first quote of this tag here. ^_^     Challenges are always accompanied by rules of course! I am to... Continue Reading →


    It's time. Dusk is setting in. The rays of the sun recede before our very eyes and like a curtain, night is being drawn over us, ever so softly. There is darkness heading fast from the east while the west is in a burst of colourful splendour, the yellow, pink, orange and white, putting... Continue Reading →

Needed This Today

To those who feel that they are inadequate to be worthy for someone's love, be grateful that you are one of those who are empathetic and sensitive enough to feel acutely what it is to be really human. You are enough.

Just do it.

  In lieu of the recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, The Sound of Silence, which I haven't watched yet but am dying to, having heard of her phenomenal performance, I decided to share one of my favourite Meredith Grey quotes.      its better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack To My Life Book Tag!

I sure have a lot of time on my hands this Valentine's day, third post today! ^_^ I'm glad caz I'm typing away on things I love!.My fellow blogger The Orangutan Librarian tagged me on this a few days back, please check out her  great blog! So here's my attempt! C'est la vie mes amies!! OPENING... Continue Reading →

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