Before Sunday is over ^_^

Ahh the end of the week! Time for some R&R, replenishing for the week to come! Conventionally I guess. In today’s day and age, every day can be a weekday. It is in my house.


Today has been rather eventful. Its currently past 10:30 pm for me, so its the end of the day over here!


For those of you who read one of my previous rather laid back post, you’d know I had lost my comb, ha! (dont laugh please.) and I must let you know, I FOUND IT!!! ^_^ my week is complete! (please dont judge me lol). Its suspicious that my sister is the one who did. hmm time to pull out my Sherlock Holmes detective tricks.


On the blogosphere, I received so many tags, I am forgetting who linked me, when! Guys I will get back asap πŸ™‚ My own posts are in the works. There just so many ideas, and finding the time to chain them up (ugh shower time moments problems) with all the reading for Uni that I have got going is making me feel like a scatterbrain chicken! Cluck Cluck!Β Where do I look and when!? May be its all a part of being a new blogger, Im learning new things is all that matters and I’m happy πŸ™‚


Also guys, I reached 100 + follows, I CANNOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!


Ever since I committed to this blog, I have just been overwhelmed with how kind everyone is. I cannot say thanks enough for reading, and for following, I hope I continue to write stuff you like reading, and I hope you guys will let me know of any improvements. Its all in the learning curve and I only want to get better at anything I do.

I also cannot believe I’ve met so many people of all ages, from all walks of life, all around the world. My! the countries I see on my views list, I wouldn’t even dream of talking to a person from there in real life! I didn’t for once believe I would meet so many people whom I relate to, and vice versa, its a warm feeling πŸ™‚ and I’ve learnt so much, from you guys, every one of you write such lovely informative humourous creative content, I’m learning something new everyday πŸ™‚


Gee, big day tomorrow, I must stop now, or I’ll go on and on XD

Till Β I post again I’m gonna leave you guys with something from me to you πŸ™‚





Ps Im leaving you with some humour byΒ nigahiga (one of the best Youtuber ever and I don’t know how to post videos yet :/ )

Happy Sunday y’all!


12 thoughts on “Before Sunday is over ^_^

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    1. Awe thanks πŸ™‚
      I should also say you’ve quite pulled me out of my reading what everyone’s reading slump back into my read what inspires/interests you. I’ve never met someone who’s read books I’ve only kept adding to my life long TBR but never got on to.
      Getting to 200 is daunting now… Expectations dammit!


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