this grumpy morning….

Good day my lovely readers!

Today I wanted to write you a sort of rambly letter I’d write to one of my friends to keep her up-to-date about whats going on, because why? Because she cares., and I’m not so sure about you guys… so is this even a good idea? Read on…..

I think I’m having one of those down days today. I woke up so grumpy and sluggish, and I’ve been trying to do something productive all morning, by this I mean for the two and half hours I’ve been up, its just past 8 30 right now in Colombo.


I have so much to do, but I dont feel up to it at all. My books are staring me in the face saying, you better do it now or suffer later, I’ve been nominated for a couple of awards and I really want to get to work on tht and also a couple of great ideas I have going for blog posts, Uh! I’m crawling back to bed. But then my headaches so much when I hang around bed all day! Such problems lol.


I’l stop with the whining and get on to some news. I’ve got the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good news , the kind when you hit up the emergency dance party on your own, is that yesterday I got a call from one of my mom’s aunts regarding a draft of some children’s books she got going, and wanted me to proof read it!! Oh my, I felt like I was on top of the moon. my ultimate aim in the bookish world is to become an editor after all! want to help publish books and to make it easy to achieve their dream, and here I was reading through the stories. It was delightful! I couldnt quite contain myself, but I pulled on my serious face and got editing XD


The bad news, I dont think you guys have been up-to-date with the battle my brother and I have got going! That kid has more twitter followers than me, and he started a few months ago while I’ve had mine for years. He definitely has better marketing skills! He looked into my profile, tutted like a grandfather with eons of experience and went “you dummy, just change your bio!”

Ok, let me explain, since you already know a bit about my personality you can guess that it was something boring and totally random. I joined twitter for the heck of it, not with a goal to be followed, so I just followed my heart in what I should design it to be, but now that the kid is definitely on the block, I got competitive,. Is it bad that Ive been following all his follow backs. If you say yes, well he started out by following mine in the first place. He and I share a ton of interests. It stops at the books we read. I have book loads of experience on that one. So now we battle. Im still a good hundred less than him, but then I always knew, he’s more of the popular kind of kid. Quite yet popular, I’m more of the quite, completely insane and not so popular. I got my party going at my own pace and I’m totally okay with that! But him, I think he can conquer the world! πŸ˜›

Geez, he took up most of the post. dammit!



ON to ugly news if you are done analysing what sort of person my brother is XD
The following news is something that affects me and only me with heartbreaking consequences.
Be prepared.

I lost my comb.

Let me rephrase that.

I lost the most important part of my day.

Ok its just a comb you think, geez girl, get another.

But no! if you knew this one thing abt me you’ll understand more

My comb is one of the few possessions I dont share wtih my sister. Every thing else, has to be shared, from rooms to clothes (I’m the one stealing hers btw, she gets all the bright colours!) to books, to sometimes food and what not. I’m not complaining, I’ve been doing it nearly all my life, and its something that I do by default, but when I do have something that is mine and mine alone, hmm ! isnt that something worth treasuring! Dont you guys have something like? Something only you treasure and only you know its worth.


So there’s Le brush and le comb. The Le comb’s of my life have always been my friends and companions where ever I go, and now its been missing for the past few weeks, I’ve searched the house up and down, but its gone. Oh well. I dont even have a picture of it ! haha I’m pathetic! Oh wait, maybe Le brush asked his le brush friends to abduct le comb!!

*le gasp*

Monsieur LE BRUSH you are under arrest SIR till proven innocent!!


haha! Im definitely cuckoo this morning Im going to get something to eat. replenish some lost electrolytes and get my neurons going lazy things.


I’m leaving you guys with a picture I took of this flower I dont know the name of but exists in my house XD Flowers make everything better eh? most importantly its PINK!! πŸ˜› ^_^


Tell me if you like stuff like this, or should I go back to what I was doing before….


Wait.. does this mean I have to be melancholy and drunk on fatigue to write stuff like this. hmmmmm. its sunny here ….



14 thoughts on “this grumpy morning….

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  1. I am so old I find you soooper cute! I mean I have a sister whom I shared a room with back when I was still single and the age gap was like 13 years! Imagine our difference. I would maim her because of her alarm clock and her snoozing it gazillion times before waking up πŸ™‚ So I kind of understand the comb thing, she has these things that I am forbidden to touch and it totally kills her if she sees that I don’t respect it (because I find it silly — since I am old), but then I begin to realize that I was like her when I was in high school so yeah, I started empathizing πŸ™‚

    As for the twitter followers. The same sister and I had the same battle as you have now with your brother. I don’t find it bad that you’re following his follow backs! I suggest you follow Taye Diggs as he follows people back (hottie that follows back!) My sister what she does is back in friendster days, she’d add everyone and she would sell her account to me!!! Thats how she is and twitter days, she would use twiends and will have tons of follow backs and then she would also offer selling the acct. to me. I was so obsessed I nearly purchased it from her!

    God my comment is a blog long… but I really find it amazing seeing how all siblings are the same — whichever countries you are from! We are all to irritate one another! Hehehe, yet, they are the loves of our lives πŸ˜€


    1. OMG your narrative is so sweet, I’m grinning like a cheshire cat! HA! I was reaching my ultimate low for the day and I log online because I’m absolutely pissed at reality, and see this, Thank you from my whole being for cheering me up!!
      And thank you for the twitter tips, gonna go get me some twitter hotties (omg I’m sorry mom) XD I’m kidding. Im glad you understand abt my petty issues.. Btw, can you be thaaat old???? my bro and I are 8 yr apart, my sis and me . As for the snoozer dozer thats me (she sleeps like a log through it all)

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  2. Tomorrow is another day! And please, stop stressing about Twitter followers – less is more when they are quality followers – unfollow all the rubbish ones and ignore your brother, let him feel foolish for having numbers but no substance!


  3. Is it a coincidence that I had the same morning or to be more precise, a whole day like this yesterday? I didn’t feel like doing anything at all and I have so many posts to write but I can’t bring myself to do anything. Sigh.

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