Will there be a next time?


Ending today, it’ll be 25 year since my parents have been married! Tomorrow its the beginning of the 26th year, and just another day for them (they ain’t counting) and I’m feeling more frightened than ever. That’s a LOT of living and a LOT of adventures…. To be frank, its quite scary don’t you think so? Its such a long time span, in which so much can happen and so many things change, including one’s self, and to think of the dauntless task of having to awake, live, sleep and then repeat, for a quarter of a century. WOW! its sweet, yet still scary. Am I being a chicken? Maybe, maybe not, because that is the truth, and you cannot escape it. 


Birthdays, anniversaries and yearly celebrations of how long one has been at it, only scares me. Just think about it. Our lives are basically a ticking time bomb. The span of our lives are preset, and every year we only get closer to our expiration date. Isn’t that frightening? How long more do we have? How much more time have we got with our loved ones? How many more days, weeks months have we got before we disappear?

Knowing the presence of such a limited time span, why are we doing things that make us sad and depressed? Why are we hurting ourselves and others? Why are we constantly following others, instead of being ourselves? Why are we mean to those who are under privileged and why do we feel different to those who don’t look or aren’t like us? Why is the world hell bent on material gain more than in making human relations, cherishing and loving those who have been bought into our lives?

Why are we doing everything in our power to destroy the world that was exclusively created as a home for humankind, for us? Why are we constantly forgetting that everything we have, be it material belongings like money houses clothes, and also loved ones, be it family, friends or acquaintances, can be taken away in the blink of an eye? That is how close we are to losing everything while we are living the high life, oblivious to this stark truth. A blaring neon sign that blinks brightly, annoyingly in our face yet we refuse to notice it.

So stop! and take note! What is that in your life that is most important to you? Who is it that you cannot imagine living without? How would life without them affect you? When do we intend to take the initiative to start loving people as whole and not for the benefits they come with? Make time for them and live with them. Create memories and cherish the moments you have with people.

I cannot remember where I underlined + snapped this from but I love it

We should begin loving and living, and stop being narcissistic sadists (not my lovely readers, they rate A++ on the scale for kindness and generosity), and make the world a better place, not just for those of the future but also for ourselves before anyone else.  That is the ultimate ideal, for everyone of us to feel accepted and loved.

The next time you meet someone, just think, will I see them again?A question we take for granted, yet has a profound effect on our lives if it were someone we love. Live for the moment being content with what we have been blessed as someone has it worse than you, love fiercely with all your might, forgive and forget those who have wronged you – life is too short to live with grudges, give away without a fear in your heart about your needs, for to those who give it will come back and most importantly look after yourselves, your spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

Geee, I just rambled away, and sorry for that, time scares. Is there a phobia for that??  I just pray that my parents will be around for a time a lot longer than mine and that God will bless them the whole ride through, because I just cannot imagine a life without them. Period! 





Have  magical Monday everyone !




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  1. Congratulations to your parents on their 25th Wedding Anniversary! I think your writing is profound and I “got it” ~ Live a life of love and cherish those around you, even those you don’t know. Realize that our days are numbered and live life to the fullest. Bravo!

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