VALENTINE GRINCH slayed! ft Heathcliff

It’s finally here  ~_~

the most important day of the …….week!  SUNDAY!! ✨

Also it just so happens to be, yep! YOU KNOW IT!

✨The Grinch’s second Christmas! ✨

If you don’t get it, lemme explain.

        Check your calendars. It’s the second month of the year, it is the 14th day of this month, and it also that time of the year when you couldn’t look out of your window, walk down a shopping district or any online website for that matter without getting an eyeful of red pulsing hearts, flowers and all things kissy, touchy feely related.. Don’t forget the chocolates in every assorted flavour, flowers bouquets being bundled nineteenth to a dozen this morning, and of course every restaurant in town choked up with reservations!


       There’s nearly everything you can possibly imagine except it’s all in the “Valentine” edition ! Valentine’s day nowadays also seems to scream ‘lingerie sale’ or ‘what better day to profess your love than on Valentines so please buy our chocolates/ flowers/stuffed toys! It’s the most sales we’ll have all year!’ Everything is commercialized and the true meaning of the day is lost in all the stuffed hearts and candles! Really guys, slow tempo on the marketing. Get a grip!

Just in case you are wondering, um, no I’m not the Valentine Grinch. That’s someone else entirely. Last time I heard, he was building an igloo in Switzerland for a two month extended leave after Xmas. All the love in the air is making the poor fellow nauseous!


So as I was saying…

1. I could follow in his footsteps and have taken a vacay knowing for a fact that today is going to be like any other day in the calendar for all the extremely singular individuals out there,

2. deny that it doesn’t bug me like a good proportion of us do,

3. be merry and jolly, embodying the true spirit of Valentine’s and being the light of the lives of everyone I love ✨, or

4. just accept that the kind of love I seek will come when it does and I should live life for each day and be grateful for those who right now love me in spite of my faults!✨



At first I was skeptical as to if I should or should not write a post on this almost public holiday. Hey presto, my “to be or not to be” moment was only a few seconds long, so I said what the heck, screw the ‘grinch’ attitude and re-visit a book! When you don’t know what to do, just read a book eh?! or re-read! It helps if you want to disappear from reality for a day and slay those negative vibes! 

✨I’m not kidding!✨


One of the most romantic books I’ve ever re-read numerous times (^_^) is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Its been a book I had kept putting off, until I met my aunt who had an obsession of it (from her glorious school days) which reminded me of my frenzy over anything Pride and Prejudice related. So I read it a few years ago, and I was cursing myself for all the times i postponed reading it!
It is romantic to the point of madness, and the words “neurotic obsession” and “tormenting addiction” are given new dimension. I was so compelled by it, I spent no time in hunting down the movie and within 36 hours of beginning the book I had already completed my course in analyzing and critiquing the book and its adaptation in film!

I know its impossible to call Wuthering Heights a completely romantic novel, it has so many more messages going on, but what is striking is the fanatical transcendental nature of Heathcliff’s and Catherine’s love that expands their lifetime from childhood to way beyond into graves.

So today, it doesnt matter if you are loving it / denying it or simply living it today, I’ll skip the book review and get on with sharing some of my favourite quotes that have smitten me! ( aaand my idealistic views on love) ❤ 


Cathy’s wild passionate confessions:

her belief that they are one and cannot be separated

download (1).jpg


                                    She describes her love for Linton and how inferior it is in comparison to the love of her life Heathcliff, which is eternal.



She dares him and says she will haunt Heathcliff as a ghost till he joins her

download (2)


Heathcliff’s equally passionate declarations:




On her death he implores her to be with him, even by haunting him




Her death is his death, he barely lived after she died.



  He lived only for her sakeWQ-1271-700x525.jpg


He describes Linton’s love for her in comparison to his own


Cathy’s ghost reaches out to him beyond her grave, and he welcomes even that




and my favourite one : 



The whole point of the above spam, is just to point out that there is no need to smother those you love with every nice thing you can find, or smother those who are very much singularly individual with a show of all the affection, on only ONE day of the year!

Love is a continuous process, and has been since the beginning of time, and we have come to blindly follow commercialized versions of how we should spend it. This day is not always about chocolates and flowers, and trust me its quite an expectation now, and you ll have to work mighty hard to surprise the person you love, ‘caz yes everyone is trying to think outside the box. Nothing is wrong with that, but just a reminder, love is for now and always, not when its only incumbent on you. !  




happy Sunday everyone!


6 thoughts on “VALENTINE GRINCH slayed! ft Heathcliff

Add yours

  1. I hate the commercialisation of love for valentines day, i’m not single, I know i’m loved & he knows I love him, so, on the run up to valentines day, I find myself under a little pressure to think of new extra special ways to express my love for him!

    “I’m most seriously displeased!”.

    I myself have never read Wuthering Heights but i’m a massive fan of Pride & Prejudice, I love my period dramas but Pride & Prejudice is my all time fav!

    Oh, the lovely Mr Darcy!!!…………………..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVE pride and prejudice too!!! and period dramas yay!! Now now, Mr.D will be quite in fits if he knew how many females pine after him lol Imagine Lizzy teasing him XD as for commercialization, I simply loathe it. Well good luck with whatever you got up your sleeve for today and you simply must read W.H. Its just raw and moorish. Its characters are a perfect embodiment of the wild unforgiving yet in a way beautiful moors. The Bronte sister’s all have those vibes!

      Liked by 1 person

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