10 tricks to get rid of a pesky sore throat

We all know them!

Those rogue ailments that ravage our days, making life harder than it already is! Ha! I think most of you will agree, sore throats are sore losers, and defeating them in a battle to overcome you, is like winning the hunger games!
Unfortunately, I’m suffering from one now as I type! Grr! So I decided to share with you a few tricks I use as my artillery! Pew pew pew!! Goodbye food tasting so bland, hello sweet and sour dancing salsa in my mouth XD


Notepads out now!


1. Gargle with salty water.

This should be the first thing you do the moment you feel even a prick of soreness. The salt content should be as high as you can bear, more like a ratio of 3:1 of salt and water. This kills the bacteria in your throat, thereby not worsening the soreness.
Continue doing so morning and night, or whenever you feel like it. It does helps.


2. Apply coconut oil to the top of your head and massage well!

I swear by everything I own that this works. I was once skeptical as you probably are, but my mom wrestled me to massaging my head when I once had one and now I’m happy to doze off with her massaging away… (then head back into the harsh world of sore throats!) šŸ˜¦


3. Eat warm foods.

(that’s not too hard to comprehend is it?)


4. Eat spicy foods!

By this I mean foods with lots of “chillie and pepper”, the kind that make you have a runny nose and teary eyes. Also the ginger and garlic in these foods have antibacterial properties, which speed up healing process.


5. Drink plenty of hot beverages.Ā 


Tea, coffee, and even warm lemon water. My go to is ginger tea. Yum ^_^!



6. Keep warm.

especially your neck.


7. Stay away from dusty, windy environments.

Like DUH! anywhere where there might be bacteria!


8. Try not to talk much.


9. Minimize baths/ soaking in water.

Quick washes will do.

10. Keep awake as much as you can.

I swear by my experience that nothing is worse than waking up with a feeling of raw throat!



*One more bonus pointer – Time to take some vitamins, especially vitamin C. Your immunity is probably down hence you were susceptible to a sore throat. Having not-too-cold orange or lemon juice helps too. ^_^

That’s it guys! Please feel free to share any tips you may have! More help the better eh?


If you really wanna get rid of it, sharing is caring after all, so just give it away. šŸ˜› JK!


Stay healthy!


Toodles guys! XOX ā¤


12 thoughts on “10 tricks to get rid of a pesky sore throat

  1. Coconut Oil? really ?? I am going to have to try that one next time. I have done the gargle with salt and I know that works but the salt is a bit much and I have tried others on this list ginger is good. Very practical things here , thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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