Sunday Sobs-Book rant on Me before You





Yes, there’s sighs all around.

Well that’s me… after I’ve wept my way through a tearjerker of a book 24 hours straight, all the way being irritated to the bone by a brother who decides to take me up as his tutor for his 8th grade math test..


Why is the world so cruel!!?
The agony is real folks.
An arse of a man decided to take his life! He was / is loved
A woman just only finding herself lost a love. 
Somewhere far off a mother curses herself for letting her son die. And I’m sobbing along with the rest of em….
I am feeling a bit puzzled as to how I’m feeling. You guys are of course witnessing the aftermath of a book done but not dusted…. It’s scars are going to be with me for a while I presume, as most books that include death do. 


How I came to this ridiculous situation is as follows….
A few days ago I  was left to my own devices by my busy bee of a time-to-study-now-part-of-the-brain, so I randomly typed in (as always) on my address bar, and it shows me the recommendations of a number of videos I could spend my time on (or MBs). The choices looked, well, not so spicy so I pressed on the trending tab, scrolled a few times and found the wonderful Sam Claflin staring back, lo and behold I press on that link, like who doesn’t, huh? huh? right?

That prolly changed the whole course of time for the rest of my day. The movie is called “Me before you“, after the book it is based on. A few seconds in and I knew I had to read the book, so I quited Youtube and opened up google, sourced out the closest place I could get my hands on it. Few hours later… this post came to being!



The synopsis

The story is about an evidently queer yet bubbly, talkative (reminds me of some one ahem!) girl, Lou, who loses her job of 6 years. She then signs up for a job as caretaker for a disabled man. The only one she could find. The contract though was only for 6 months. The most important 6 months of her life. The story introduces her quadriplegic guy, Will, who in his former days had been quite the risk taker, living the high life… the story is how she tried to persuade him from signing up to take his own life. She sadly, fails.


How I feel??

To be honest, its hard to pick a side. For someone who knows they will be forever dependent on others, and for a girl to devote her whole life regardless of how she feels… and most importantly for a mother to let go of her child. There are so many forces, so many faces of love in the book, its quite a strong cuppa coffee to take in one hefty gulp! 😦



 He says

“Some mistakes…just have greater consequences than others. But you don’t have to let that…be the thing that defines you”

Yet he let gooo!!!! ;(


I say this is the story of Lou, but trust me its a story that could be read in many different lights. Will is a selfish bastard yes! but does the feeling of burdening ones self on people, especially those who you love seem, wrong. I for one, would have ended it a bit more sweeter. An abrupt end like it did is just too strong. How she reached a sense of closure I do not know, but that’s the beauty of the book I guess. Though the book begins rather low in my opinion, it does get better, and how she handles it makes you turn want to keep going, with every being of your self screaming them to  quit it already! Jojo Moyes, good job!


I hear there is a sequel! so I guess I’ll be hunting that before long (pst as I type this… XD)


Here are some heart tuggers… —> ;( 

images (3).jpg

images (1).jpg


Now, thats my Sunday done, a terrible end to the week! 



Ps:-  just a note from Will Traynor through Jo Jo,



aah now lemme go back to contemplate on the plight of the human race. We must atleast be thankful for our use of limbs… :/




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  1. Aww… I’m sorry it made your Sunday such a bummer. I’ve been wondering whether I should watch the movie, simply because well, Sam Claflin and our beloved Khaleesi… Maybe I should skip the end? 😀

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