Hermit on Hiatus


Remember me!?

Yes? No? Nooooooo?

Well lemme explain…..

Remember how we are living in the 21st century, and one fact that we all (by this I include babies just out of their safe cubby holes, and even ancient grannies and grandads from ages of yore too) seem to agree is that life without the internet is quite possibly or is similar to, living without a vital element that is the essence of being alive, yes, life without oxygen. Oh the irony of life itself eh?! 😦

The moment our connections are absent from our lives, you feel like a patient with an impending heart attack, or a volcanologist waiting it out for that one active crag to erupt. There is hyperventilation and hallucinations with our neurotransmitters deciding to go for a vacation along with the internet, with results on humans sometimes bordering on mild schizophrenia. Our nervous systems have indeed gone for a day out on a roller coaster!


That’s only a signal for an emergency. Code RED Code RED!! CPR on my nerves, we need to get serotinin back on track again! Puny medical intern, charge the paddles to 300W! Where is Dr. Grey when you need her!? -_-


Least of all do not forget that surrendering voice of your conscience saying “Have compassion on my nerves!!!!” making you a very irritant Mrs. Bennet.

So keeping this in mind we have all had that moment when the internet plays games with our inner demons. They either decide to go for a walk and be back after a few drinks at the porters lounge or maybe even run away from home for a week, till you are at your wits end trying to locate its position. (Yay GPS! leave your iPhones behind you runaway wannabes!!)

In the mean time the mental processes going on in your cranium turns our brain into a heating element thus making your blood boil in anger…. (hear the kettle whistling yet??) and you are in a semi conscious frenzy to bring back your life. Sadly, yes I said life. Oh well, thats for another blog post folks…

On the line of sad things, is my more than disappointing blogging sphree cut short few weeks in. Apology is in order to my dreams from my procrastinating alter ego, look what you did heeeere my friend!! no one walks on my dreams and blows me a kiss, no one! gee this is turning out to be all about people taking unsolicited breaks! gosh and they say the worlds economy is in recession! Is it!?!

No matter, the optimist in this cindergirl gulps down the disappointment and greets back my imagination that decided to head to Tottenham for a holiday, and returns saying,


SO yes, its been a rough and tumble few months (months! what sort of nurturer am i!!?) but needless to say humans need breaks (months loongg??) to recuperate and replenish their imaginitive sources! yay!!


Thanks Kermit without a hayche! 🙂

So without future ado my dear brain, lets get on with the writing process…
Toodles! ❤ 🙂

Acknowledgements to

My bae – the Carrot-in-Hunnie-rainbow-hair-and-Yeol-yellow-pants! XD (ya’ll know what I mean), for believing in me whenenver I texted her the moment I metamorphosized into a hermit, and went running for the hills (or my bed…)

also to

Five, not wait FOUR (well the fifth did too for 2 weeks), random humans who decided to take a break too, and in the meantime teaching 27 million odd zombified teens (and twenty something teen wannabes and grannies too) the meaning of the word Hiatus! ❤ 

Now on a more more serious note, its just been emotionally moving (say wut?!?) acedamical stuff to deal with and ofcourse the holidays XD ❤

Now back to scraping some of them pots, Ive been gone two minutes and, my! the kitchen’s been well raided!! 😀


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