Before Sunday is over ^_^

Ahh the end of the week! Time for some R&R, replenishing for the week to come! Conventionally I guess. In today's day and age, every day can be a weekday. It is in my house.   Today has been rather eventful. Its currently past 10:30 pm for me, so its the end of the day... Continue Reading →

Reader Problems Book Tag!

  Hallo lovely people, How has your day being going? Its almost noon for me, and Astra @ A Stranger's Guide to Novels has assigned me with a task! She's tagged me on to the Reader Problems Tag.  Woop Woop! Let everything else go on halt for the moment, an interesting tag has come my... Continue Reading →

Love’s labour lost?

  All these tears, and all this pain. All the sleeples nights, and all the attemps made invain. Why do humans hold materialistic gain so much higher than human interaction? Is love a lie? I didnt think so, but now I feel so... Does no one truly love? So is everyone selfish?   Or maybe... Continue Reading →

The Creative Blogger Award

Hi everyone! Another award sent my way by the lovely Nikita @ Bibliophile, and someone else I cannot remember :/ She's a sweet one!     The Rules! # Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. # Share five facts about yourself. # Nominate 15-20 bloggers and add their... Continue Reading →

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello everyone!! Hope you have been having a nice day so far, for me its been a bit hectic. On with the post now 🙂 I was nominated for this award a couple of days back by my kind fellow bloggers at Bibliophile and Not the Average Mama. Thank you so much guys 🙂 Appreciate... Continue Reading →

perturbed hearts…

  As I sit on my comfortable couch, all tucked in under a blanket, warm and shielded from the cold evening, the warmth of my laptop on my knees creating a pleasant feeling of being in my own protective cucoon, the soft glower of the lamp on my side, casts a golden glow on all... Continue Reading →

The Encouraging Thunder Award

Hi everyone! Oooh!! the title of this award sounds so, important!! XD I was nominated by Emma @ EmDoesBookReviews! Thanks so much girly!!! Much appreciated ^_^     I see that this award requires one's blog story! It's interesting to hear how everyone ended up here in this lovely blogging community!  Blogging after all is... Continue Reading →

The Miranda Sings Award

  Hey Guys!!   Its been an okay day so far! And the lovely Ember @ A little Safe Place nominated me for the Miranda Sings Award ! Thank you very much Ember 🙂 The award was created by Claudia @ Claudia's Thoughts to spread self love! Its so easy to list out everything we... Continue Reading →

“Beautiful Lara Jean”

If you have read the book, you'll know who I am talking about, if you haven't: I am ofcourse talking about Jenny Han's To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and its sequel, P.S: I Still Love You. Synopsis of the books: The story is of 16 year old Lara Jean who has written letters... Continue Reading →

this grumpy morning….

Good day my lovely readers!   Today I wanted to write you a sort of rambly letter I'd write to one of my friends to keep her up-to-date about whats going on, because why? Because she cares., and I'm not so sure about you guys... so is this even a good idea? Read on.....  ... Continue Reading →

In the Shower tag!

My shower time has without a doubt become my brainstorming session/moment of reflection on life's important things rather than clean up time. (soak up the irony) I don't understand how, but being locked up in a cubicle makes my brain go crazy with ideas. I wonder if my next exams can be held in one,... Continue Reading →

Desert Island Book Tag

Hallo everyone!   This past week has seen me attempting a spot of creative writing  and some mundane reality check rambles, so its been a while since I did a tag 🙂 I received two tags from Nick @ Nickvreys and Astra @ A Stranger's guide to Novels to try out the Desert Island Book... Continue Reading →

Will there be a next time?

  Ending today, it'll be 25 year since my parents have been married! Tomorrow its the beginning of the 26th year, and just another day for them (they ain't counting) and I'm feeling more frightened than ever. That's a LOT of living and a LOT of adventures.... To be frank, its quite scary don't you... Continue Reading →

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