PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB! Jaffa Cake consumption in progress. (This is not an advert, I’m not being paid for it. (wish I were though))


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Presenting to you peeps who-have-no-idea-what-sorta-foodgasm-you-are-missing-out-on, the Very British (enough reason to take deep breaths already), the very soft, decadent and emotionally moving – Jaffa Cake! (Each not sold separately, beat that Dark chocolate Digestives! and there wouldn’t basically be a love story to gush about in the first place.)


the glorious Jaffa, a mouthful of joy
the glorious Jaffa, a mouthful of joy

If you know me like you do, (wink, wink Kudos Ellie G, and maybe flashes of Christian Grey, Ahem! moving on…) Jaffa Cakes are a big deal for me, so much so that I am willing to put down the packet of glorious joy to compile a list in order of reason closest to heart.

I’m pretty sure your obsession with them would begin,
1. if you love value packs caz they come in twin packages for only one Sterling Pound.


1. if you love marmalade or anything orange zesty.

1. if you cannot resist chocolate ganache slathered over anything from marshmallows to bananas and now orange jelly.

1. if you love orange film packaging on your food.

1. if you love combo foods, like banana and peanut butter on french toast.

1. if you just love Jaffa cakes unconditionally like you do your pillow on Monday mornings.

its just an explainable love affair. me and you that’s right Jaffa baby.

Ahem, sorry this Christian Grey thing keeps reeling in my head perhaps, lemme have another one before I forget myself in all this longing, being two inches away from my dear snack.

Maybe I should give you a better close up analysis of the edible composition of this phenomenon.

images (3)

And then the ultimate food-orientated concussion for us Jaffa-shippers- the BIG ONE is here! :3 I will find you and EAT YOU on my own.

Where be thou in my darkest moments of life?
Where be thou in my darkest moments of life?

No sharing, so anyone who is gonna be with me (note to family and friends- past present and future), be warned! It will definitely be PG – no one wants to see!

As I make my way through the stock of Jaffas I got hidden in my closet, each packet being  taken out so unwillingly but needfully, I dread the moment I would have to say good bye to the last mouthful of deliciousness, that arrivederci moment *weep weep. Maybe I’l save those sentiments for another ramble.

For now, toodles people on the internet! Maybe you should hunt down your Jaffa moment, I assure you it will be worth it, and maybe temme how it goes. Love y’all.

Lights out (where’s my deluminator?)

Now, Cooome to me My Preciouuuss…!


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