Them whipped cream puffs!!


A couple of hundred feet above the sea, it’s quite quite intimidating to see how vast the ocean really is. In spite of its deep aquamarine or sometimes deep deep blue, which is alluring to the eyes, I’m more awe spired by the soft cloudy peaks, as if it were freshly whipped cream, or the wonderful beginning of a meringue. In the horizon the end of the sea merges ever so softly into the sky, and it’s hard to ascertain where the sea begins and where the sky ends for its all a cloudy mess of woolly goodness 🙂 The snowy white peaks dot the blue ocean in a wonderfully random pattern, and I’m sitting here legs up and tab out typing away with such a sight in front of me. How blessed indeed it feels!


Now for some knick knacks!! Thinking about meringues has made me hungry!!


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